SSC4 – “Socks 2” – Fiction – 999 wds

Sparks from Lisa: Grapes, sneeze, lillies

‘Socks 2’ – by Ro (Continued from ‘Socks’)

     Emily lay in bed, her head reeling from the day’s events. She had updated Jackie and Dan, her time exchange chaperones, but had left out the information about the boy who had decided to stay in the past. When asked if she had found a prospective person to bring back, she had just shrugged and said she was getting to know people. As she lay on the soft pillow thinking about Billy, her mind was like a blizzard of thoughts. Could she stay here? Would she leave everything she had for a boy? She couldn’t believe he had kissed her. That was something you only saw in movies, she thought, flipping over onto her belly with a sigh, remembering the warm feeling she had experienced when his lips had met hers. She wondered if the urgency was something Billy had learned in the fifties. After all, the war had just begun to end. Maybe Billy had felt how frantic things had been. How long had he been here? If his history was any good, he knew about the Korean war and how many men were sent over there. Was he afraid the war wouldn’t end and he’d be drafted? Then why stay? Or maybe she was a comfort to him, being from the present and he had acted quickly, lest she decide to return. Or maybe he was just fast…

     Emily shook her head against the pillow, trying to stop her racing thoughts. The more she thought about history, the more the thought of staying appealed to her. The rise of rock and roll. The gorgeous Elvis in his heyday. Those were things she’d love to witness first hand. But no iPods? She drifted off to sleep with this unnerving thought in her mind.

     She dressed for school nervously the next morning, wishing she had chosen to be a greaser girl rather than the prim and proper Barbie type. She couldn’t wait to see Billy again and was very much enjoying the crush. There was something just plain swell about him. She giggled at the use of the word in her thoughts.

     She didn’t see Billy at all during the change of morning classes. It wasn’t until halfway through lunch, as she sat with her new friends. She scanned the crowded room for him, her eyes lingering on any boy wearing black.

     “Emily, hello?” crooned Barbara. “I asked you a question silly, what has you so distracted?”

     “What? Oh, sorry,” Emily said, giving her attention to Barbara.

     “Actually that answers my question,” Barbara giggled. “I asked you if it was dreadful going to a girls school, and you didn’t even hear me, too busy checking out the boys.”

     All the girls giggled and Emily smiled as she absently fingered the bunch of grapes on her tray. Suddenly she caught a flash of black and Billy was across the room. A smile started on Emily’s face and then died. Billy had his arm around a girl! Hot tears sprang into Emily’s eyes as she gazed at the girl in her tight black outfit and too much make-up. Emily’s cheeks went hot and she gasped.

     “Emily dear, what’s wrong?” Barbara asked and Emily faked a sneeze.

     “Allergies,” she muttered, wiping her eyes. Thankfully the girls believed the fib. Her stomach writhed as she watched Billy and his greaser girl sit at a table on the far end of the cafeteria. She felt like a fool. Stay with him? Why had he even asked her? Why had he kissed her! Emily suddenly felt anger rise up in her and she quickly began cramming grapes into her mouth to keep from screaming. The girls around her twittered on, sounding like old ladies in a sewing circle and Emily longed for an iPod and earbuds to drown out the chatter. She suddenly missed her friends from the present. Amanda would have taken one look at Emily’s face and dragged her into the bathroom, demanding to know what was wrong but these girls were clueless. Emily suddenly felt very alone, without her besties surrounding her in her time of boy disaster.

     Billy’s eyes met hers from across the room and he winked. The wink brought heat to her cheeks again and she plastered a look of nonchalance on her face and averted her gaze, not wanting him to see her consternation. She joined in with the laughter at her table to make him think she was having a great time. Jerk, she thought as she stabbed the mystery meat on her tray.

     Later as Emily walked home from school, her arms desolately clutching her books, she heard her name being called. “Ergh,” she growled, straightening her shoulders and picking up her pace. She heard Billy’s footsteps draw nearer as he jogged up by her side.

     “hey,” he breathed, winded from his short jog.

     “You should stop smoking, you sound like an old man,” Emily spat. “Or do you do that to keep up appearances too?”

     “Whoa baby, hang on,” Billy began.

     “Ha! Don’t ‘baby’ me. Run along little greaser, your people must miss you.” She picked up her pace even more, wishing a friend would drive up in a car and rescue her. But she had no friends with cars. She couldn’t even hope her cell phone would ring; it didn’t exist.

     “You smell like lilies,” Billy said, as though Emily had been talking about the weather. She stopped and stared at him, repeating the scene from yesterday. “It’s a good smell; I like it.”

     “I smell like lilies. I smell like lilies? That’s all you have to say?”

     “Yeah, it’s groovy,” he said, his eyes twinkling, a half smile showing off a dimple in his cheek she hadn’t noticed before.

     “Whatever,” she said, beginning to walk briskly again.

     “Thought any more about staying? Is that why you’re all fiery? Falling in love with me but miss your cell phone?”

     “Leave me alone!” Emily shrieked and began jogging away from him. He did not follow.

To be continued…


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8 Responses to SSC4 – “Socks 2” – Fiction – 999 wds

  1. Ro

    I didn’t have definite plans to continue the story right away, but the grapes and the sneeze sparked the lunchroom scene, so it was perfect.

  2. Hey, love it! Good continuation. A couple of things I’m seeing a mixture of twilight and Grease are coming to mind lol. and never mind the other thing I thought I heard was just my ears and screen reader not on the same page this morning! Good job, keep it up 🙂

  3. Ro

    Twilight???? Oh no. Oh no. Billy is *not* a sparkling freaking vampire!!!

  4. No its the scene in the lunch room when he is with another girl, that is similar to grease, but when she decides to leave him alone and the whole lunch room searching thing, thats a twilightish thing. And the the distracted convo between the 2 girls, that is similar to twiligh convo in the lunch room when Bella is distracted by Edward and his family. and then when he cahses her out…thats a twilight thing, and then throw the greaser thing in there and you got grease again. I’m seeing a back to the future, grease, twilight combo thing. Just my observations…No sparkly vampires lol

  5. I have to chuckle at the word twittered. All this talk of missing future devices and then twitter but not Twitter is kinda neat.

    I want more! Hey, how old are these chick’s parents? When were they born? If she stays, does she run the risk of running into her folks as babies?

  6. LOL I kinda see her point haha! The lunch room scene kinda sounds like twilight when Bella is staring at Edward… The books are good, but the movies? Noooo way! I so wanna read the rest! 🙂

  7. Ro

    Hahaha well for the record, I have not read nor watched Twilight so that’s not where that came from haha.

    As for Emily meeting her parents, their present is not our present. It’s in the future because of the whole time travel thing. I’m not sure what year she’s from so I’ve been evasive about it. When Emily says ‘the present’, it just means her present, not ours.

    So glad you guys are enjoying!

    Oh and yeah, I wrote ‘twittering’ without even thinking of it until I read it back. Then I was like, sweet haha!

  8. Yeah, well like I said…those were just my observations, and yes the books are much better than the movies. I personally don’t care much for the movies, but I still find my self wanting to see them just to see how bad they screwed it up.

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