SSC3 – “Socks” – Fiction – 1,000 wds

Sparks from Maddie: Music, teenager, soccer

‘Socks” – by Ro

     When she agreed to participate in the time exchange program, Emily so hoped it would be a cool decade like the twenties. She dreamed of wearing a flapper dress and swing dancing in a speakeasy with a dark and mysterious man, sneaking into places she was not supposed to be as a teenager. When she found out she’d be going back to 1953, she was crestfallen. Doo Wop music and sock hops?

     She wondered what kind of person she would find and convince to come back to the present with her. It was a tough job, explaining the technology of now to someone in the past and she was selected because of her ability to charm people and explain things in a way that didn’t totally freak them out. She wanted to find a boy to bring back with her. What sixteen year old girl doesn’t want to find a boy? Boys were all she thought about aside from soccer anyway. She just hoped she could find a good one; watching television shows set in the fifties didn’t give her much hope. She dreaded walking around in saddle shoes and saying swell all the time.

     On the first day of classes in 1953 after saying goodbye to the chaperones playing her parents, Emily walked to school in a pink poodle skirt and white sweater, her blond hair tied in a high Barbie style ponytail with a pink ribbon. She plastered a fake sweet smile on her face as she walked into the crowded halls. Girls approached her, fawning over her skirt, asking where she was from. Her rehearsed story flooded out of her mouth with exaggerated giggles and lots of, “yes, it’s swell to be here” and “golly, I like your hair”. She inwardly rolled her eyes at the way the girls talked and how the boys looked in their sweaters and neatly styled hair. She decided she’d just find someone quickly, knock them out if she had to so she could get back to the present and return to the soccer field.

     Then she saw him. Leaning cooly against a locker, his black hair slicked back and shiny, matching his tight black t-shirt. He chewed a toothpick and stared at her, while similarly dressed boys goofed off around him. Oh God, thought Emily. This is just like ‘Grease’! She gave him a shy smile and raised her left eyebrow ever so slightly. The corners of his mouth twitched in return and he punched the boy nearest him, nodding his head in Emily’s direction as she passed, her eyes locked on his. The other boys settled down and leaned, putting on their cool faces as she strode by. Emily gave them all a wink and wanted to stop and talk, but girls who looked like her back in the fifties didn’t talk to boys who looked like them. She resolutely promised herself to find a way.

     The time came that afternoon and she didn’t even have to work on it. He came to her as she walked home from school. Suddenly he was by her side saying hello. She shot a winning smile at him as he said his name was Billy.

     “You’re from the future, aren’t you,” he stated after she told him her name. Emily stopped dead in the middle of the tree lined sidewalk and gaped at him. “Your socks, little pink Nike swoosh?” He clicked his tongue at her, shaking his head.

     Her stomach flipped. Everyone she knew wore some symbol of the present when they did time exchange. It was a popular trick, make people of the past think it was something cool from another city. She stared at him in shocked silence. How did he know what the Nike swoosh was?

     “Me too,” he said laughing. “Only I chose to stay. Don’t look at me like that, you can stay you know. It’s kinda cool to be part of the past knowing what the future holds.” He reached out and placed a finger gently under her chin, closing her mouth. His touch sent a shiver down her spine.

     “How do you,” she stammered, losing words.

     “Go from town to town telling a bad family sob story, find someone to take me in, it’s easy.”

     “Why, but why?” Her voice was high pitched and squeaky with the question.

     “I got nothing’ to go back to. My bad family story isn’t a lie, it’s just a lie in this time period, you know? Wanna stay with me? Hop a train?” he winked at her and her heart fluttered.

     Perfect, she thought. She was falling for a boy who wouldn’t go back with her. This had not been in the plan. They stopped next to a park and Billy gestured toward the swings. She followed him and sat down hard, not moving. Billy began swinging jovially, laughing at her look of incredulity. She began to question him at length about what it was like to stay, finding the idea somewhat appealing especially when he talked about the freedom from cell phones and laptops.

     “If you’re not home, you’re just not home. You’re not tied to anything. There’s no hours and hours spent on computers, your butt going numb looking up stupid useless videos. It’s freedom from technology here and if I live long enough, I’ll get to see it all start, you know? Life is easier here, when you know what the future is like.”

     She nodded, understanding how awesome that would be. The thought of living forever without a cell phone was scary and enticing at the same time. And Billy was gorgeous!

     They sat in the swings not moving, Billy gazing at her. He took the chain of her swing and pulled her close to him. “Think about it,” he said, his fingers suddenly caressing the back of her neck and her heart pounded under his stare as he gently kissed her, sending jolts of electricity all the way down to the Nike swooshes on her socks.

To be continued…


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17 Responses to SSC3 – “Socks” – Fiction – 1,000 wds

  1. OHHH, I love this one! I very much like the 50s and think you said the 30s with flapper dresses and speak easys? I think that was more of the 20s…just a heads up the 30s was the start of the great depression, cause the stock market crashed in 29 I believe. but yes…I love the teenage love story in the 50s I’m a sucker 🙂

  2. Ro

    Oh dude you’re right. I edited it. It was the roaring twenties. That’s the hard part, making sure things are accurate when playing with the past lol! Is doo wop music and sock hops correct in the fifties? At first I had surfer music but changed it.

  3. Yes, you got the 50s right, and I pulled the dates for stock market crash out of a dark scary place in my brain…guess college payed off somewhere lol…glad to help

  4. Ro

    I didn’t mean for it to be a continuing story, but there was no way I could wrap it, nor did I want to. I’ll continue it whenver sparks win that fit. It’ll be fun combining fifties romance with teens from the future.

  5. Ro

    Did prohibition happen before the depression? I can’t remember. Speakeasies happend because of prohibition. Not too concerned since I didn’t look it up hahaha! I know speakeasies went with flappers hahaha!

    I was just thinking how smart you are. Might use you as my fact finder analysis person lol!

  6. Yup it did. Trying to remember when, but it was in the early 20’s I think.

    I’ve watched way too many “outer limits” episodes. I was waiting for the enforcers of the future to show up and catch them both and say they can’t say.

    You know what this reminds me of? A Ray Bradbury story. What the hell story was it? They run away from war by hiding out in 1940’s Mexico. What the hell story was that? Oh. The Fox In The Forest.

  7. Yeah, that was right in the 20s area…it helps when your reader is a history major and for some reason I paid attention in history class lol….Use me if you like I’m good at research when its not something boring like business law lol

  8. Prohibition started in 1919 and ended in 1933…had to google that one

  9. Ro

    Can’t says I’ve seen them there shows. History major eh? Too bad the novel is set in the future haha! Not this story, the novel. The one I’ve abandoned.

  10. Why have you abandoned it? You can’t do that! If you do that then I won’t ever get to read it!

  11. Ro

    I’ll get back to it. The short stories are good practice and they help prove that I can finish a story. Positive feedback is helping to get me motivated.

  12. Oh,ok…well I’m all about good feedback..and I really want you to finish the novel!

  13. I like this story, too, and want more. You should find some “outer limits” episodes, and try “Twilight Zone,” too. Might give you some ideas. Good job!

  14. I really liked this story! I would love to go back in time and experience 50s romance. Life without a cell phone…that would be interesting to say the least! I’ll be the first to admit that teenagers these days are pathetic, but what can I say, I’m one of them!

  15. Ro

    I don’t think teenagers today are pathetic hehe. This story was really fun to write. I wonder if the sparks I pick today will fuel a continuation? We shall see….

  16. Catching up on reading some old posts and wow – I loved this one from the very first sentence!

    Looking forward to reading the continuation.

  17. Ro

    Wow! What a great compliment, thank you!! Took a break from writing this week, so no new story on Sunday. Just call me slacker. 😉

    I also just forgot to call for sparks too hahaha!

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