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Another great post by a baseball wife showed up on my reading list this morning. It’s all about superstitions in baseball, but from a wife’s perspective. She talks about how she can’t text when her husband is pitching, because one time she was texting and her husband allowed two runs. I’ve heard about things the players do, like not changing their socks when their on a streak, that sort of thing. But I never thought about things the wives and girlfriends did. It was a fun post.

At the end of the post, she asks if others do the same thing, and I’m assuming she means other wives, but she could be talking about fans. I didn’t comment, partly because it’s hard to comment on that blog, but also because I feel silly about my own little ritual. Why I’m comfortable sharing it here and not there, I don’t know haha!

Back before I had Gameday audio, I’d listen to the games on B’s baseball package on tv. This was when I was still a brand new baseball fan. One day when I heard Evan’s at bat music begin to play, I started mumbling to myself, “come on Evan, come on Evan, you’re hot you’re hot, let’s go baby come on Evan,” or something like that hahaha! Anyway, he hit a homer. So…now I almost always have to do that when he comes up to bat. If I’m alone, I say it out loud. If B’s home, I say it in my head, if I’m chatting with Erik, I quickly type it in the chat box. He gets a kick out of it. It’s like my Evan mojo.

But it gets tricky. Say the first time Evan comes to bat and I say my ritual, and he strikes out. I’ll think, ok my mojo isn’t working. So I don’t do it next time and he gets a hit. Or say I forget or miss his first at bat and he gets a hit, I won’t do it for the rest of his at bats.

Or the Rays will really need a few insurance runs or a go ahead run and he comes to bat and I haven’t been doing it because it wasn’t working, but the situation is dire so I’ll do it and he’ll drive in a run. It’s so weird.

I’ve tried doing it with other players and it never works. It only works with Evan. No wonder coincidences make you superstitious hahaha!!

So, do you have any fan rituals you do when watching sports?

A quick Rays update: We’re having some trouble with the national league. It’s interleague time and we’re playing a three game series with the Houston Astros, who don’t have a good record. Friday’s game was just sad and we lost. Last night we won, but the guys still don’t have their best stuff. Is it because yesterday I wasn’t here to give Evan my mojo? Hmmm…hahaha nah, I don’t have that much power. We’re 5 games up on the Yankees though and still have the best record in baseball. The Yankees are crying, saying oh but we’re beat up, we’re injured, that’s why we’re not in first blah blah blah. I think it was an announcer last night who said yeah the Yankees are just old. Hahaha!!! And well, they are. They want Carl Crawford since he’s gonna be a free agent at the end of the season. Blah, I hope he doesn’t become a Yankee.

Ack, now I have another superstition. What if I just jinxed the Rays by blogging about the yankees just being old. What if talking ish about the Yankees comes back to bite me? Like the day I blogged about how awesome the Rays were doing during a game, and they lost? So now I will not blog about the Rays during a game. Yikes. Ok, the Yankees are still a very talented bunch and with age comes wisdom. Yes. They still have the makings to win again. Yeah. Ok. That was painful to write. But maybe saying something positive about them will counteract the ish talking jinx. We’ll see…

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  1. Can’t say I really have any rituals that I *must* make sure to go through every time, but I will make myself stay in one spot if things get intense. Like if it’s the bottom of the 9th and we need a run to tie/win, or if a game is in overtime I’ll have to be glued in whatever position I’m in even if it’s not comfortable. I don’t do this every game, but if the unknown force calls me over closer to where the game is on I have to do it. I just freeze in my tracks for no reason, it’s odd.

    Jays and Rays this week, you’re goin’ down!…I hope. Then after you we get the Yanks, who are old and stupid and I hate them.

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