Spoiling the kids er cats

A few days ago, we decided it was time to go to Petsmart and get the cats new litter boxes and food dishes, so we decided to go yesterday after B picked me up from Grandma’s. Its a really good thing we had this planned, because Spinelli went into heat. I feel like a bad parent, because we hadn’t had her spayed yet. B got her from a pet store instead of the humane society, so it wasn’t done and the last time B had suggested getting it done, something was going on, I don’t remember what, and I burst into tears at the thought of her going into surgery.

So anyway, she went into heat full force yesterday. Poor girl…and Timmy doesn’t know what the heck is going on. He’s fixed, so her advances do nothing but frighten him. He jumped up on the fridge and howled yesterday, like, leave me alone!!

While at Grandma’s, B looked up cats in heat and one of the suggestions was to get her new toys, so it was lucky we were heading to Petsmart.

We got a new covered litter box to go with the other covered litter box we had. No more open litter boxes for them to jump out of every which way and track litter everywhere. We’re also moving them into the spare room and off the tile, so I can actually give the tile a good scrub.

We got them 2 new food bowls and a new water bowl, getting rid of the others that had been used quite a bit and no longer came clean.

Then we got them this really cool scratching post. How on earth am I going to describe it. Ok if you take the letter S and put it on it’s side, thats how this thing is. So there’s like a half circle on one cide forming a cave, with a dangly mouse thing, and then the other side is open, like a half pipe. And there’s different scratching textures.

Next we got them a new spinner. Its a circle with a track all around, with a ball that goes around, and inside the circle is a cardboard scratching material. Our old one had to go, and this new one has a blinking light in the ball, so whenever the ball is moved, the light blinks! Fi went nuts on this one and laid all over it yesterday. Timmy likes laying in the half pipe of the sideways S, and Spinelli, well, she plays for a bit and then sticks her butt in the air and waggles it, and does her little sexy meow.

We also got a package of mice and little balls with bells so I threw half of them out on the carpet. I think Spinelli likes these, and she loves the spinner when Fi isn’t on it.

Right now she’s curled up on my lap getting some rest. I feel soooo horrible for her. I’m calling the Humane Society this week to find out when we can spay her now. I feel so terrible for not getting it done.

B was totally freaking out, having never seen a cat in heat before, it was actually quite comical to listen to him hehe!

It was a good thing I couldn’t see the kittens as we were leaving, cuz man did B want to get another! I heard some puppes and thought it would be cool if a puppy raiser was there, but there weren’t any. It was half tempting to buy some things for a future dog, but I knew I shouldn’t, in case I don’t ever get one, and I don’t have the kinds of toys memorized yet. We did check out the Hills Science Diet food, but the cat variety. B was surprised when I told him thats all I’ll feed my dog. It’ll be so fun to take my dog there if I get one!

It was a lot of fun dropping a pretty penny on the kids, and made us feel really good yesterday 🙂


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4 Responses to Spoiling the kids er cats

  1. Hey Ray,
    B is boyfriend. Right? Boy I hope Storm don’t relinquish me to J or G or F! Oh the thought! ha ha ha
    Our pets are our children…even though our B’s are too. *wink* I’m still reading and enjoying!
    J er I mean, Joni

  2. R

    Yeah B is boyfriend and his first initial. I have this paranoia about the net, so I’m always a bit reluctant to use names. I use some names though, so I don’t know what my deal is 😉

  3. It’s okay. I totally understand. I have a little paranoia about using my name but as a writer, I guess I better get used to using my name, right? And there are a million bob’s out there, what’s the worry? (kidding)
    Actually I have a few net friends that call me J, I kinda like it. 🙂 So Ray you remain. R is just too simple a name for you. *wink*
    Take care!

  4. R

    Hehehe ok I’ll be Ray, just like at my old forums, I was Ray or Ray Ray. You be J and we can be J and Ray 😉

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