Sparks temporarily on hold

The plan was to randomly pick the comment number for the sparks for this weekend’s short story but I couldn’t get to it today. Not sure how long it’ll be on hold; who knows, I might need to write tomorrow.

Everyone in my family is ok, Jayden is fine, but I got more bad news today and I just don’t know when I’ll feel like writing. I might also need to write, so who knows. Just a heads up in case you’ve gotten sucked into my short story challenge.


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2 Responses to Sparks temporarily on hold

  1. I’ve been sucked in, but I totally understand…will be here patiently waiting 🙂

  2. Darn 🙁 I’ve been totally hoovered (Yeah… choir joke) but I know how that can be with life going crazy and all. Hope everything works out ok (whatevers going on) Hugs/wags
    Jen and Bil

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