Sparks and polls that are gongs

This Sunday’s deadline for the short story challenge is going to be a hard one to meet, especially since right now is the first real computer time I’ve had all day, unlike having the entire day last Friday after Georgie picked the number. We’ll see if I can get the story written and posted by Sunday, but tomorrow I’m going to a memorial service so not sure how it’s all gonna look this weekend.

I’m gonna start calling your ideas ‘sparks’, because they spark an idea for a story, get it, get it? So this week’s sparks were:

1. Carin – A bunch of bananas, a wrench, a pile of dirty clothes

2. Amanda – A guide dog that loves things that squeak, a tall dark mysterious man, a talking Panda

3. Katrin – surgical scrub brush, headphones, post it note

4. Jen and Bil – Turtle, psychology,… mushrooms

Georgie picked the number 3 this morning on the phone, so I’ll be attempting to develop a story around Katrin’s sparks. Georgie doesn’t know what the sparks are, I just interrupt conversation and ask her to pick a number between such and such.

I must say I’m absolutely exhausted right now, after a lengthy phone conversation this morning, actually two, after some incredible excitement which will be another post in a minute if I can muster it. After that Jayden took me to my home gym where I worked out for awhile and then got my first minor head bump on the way home haha! After I had just emailed Jay’s raisers and told them I hadn’t had any work related injuries. Guess the figurative knock on wood wasn’t enough. I’m fine, but it sounded like the gong show when my forehead was introduced to the metal pole holding up the covered parking. Dave’s voice rang through my brain as I bounced off the pole…if you wear a hat…

The car was parked crookedly in the spot, so the space between the first pole and the second one were different. I had completely forgotten about the second pole since the first was no issue. After a rework, Jayden showed me and we went on our way. Luckily I’m fine haha!

It was nice on the way there too. We don’t usually have obstacles on the path, but we did today, and Jayden got me around it like a champ.

I didn’t mean to launch into an update but my fried brain is sending signals to my fingers without my permission. Ha!

Ok, off to write, maybe. Or just zone out. Whichever comes first.


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10 Responses to Sparks and polls that are gongs

  1. A memorial service? Oh no, not more death. And ouch on the head sounding like a gong off a pole. Youch!

    This could be a weird story I’m sure. I can’t wait.

  2. Ha! Tell Georgie, she has a nack for not picking my number lol.

  3. Ro

    Haha the gong thing is not the short story, just in response to my blog post. I tend to title after I write the post.

    The memorial service is for what happend at the first of the year, the one I already told you about. No new deaths. I didn’t even think when I wrote that, that wasn’t necessary. I could have just said I have plans. Not thinking very clearly, so tired!

    Got a story nailed out, just need to edit and refine. Should get it down by Sunday. *yawn*

  4. Ro

    Haha!! I’ll tell her. I need to find that number generator so many people use, but have no idea how to go about finding it or if it’s even accessible.

  5. Oh no worries. Just had to check.

  6. I figured the memorial service was either for that or for the shootings…but yeah not sure where to find that number random picker thing…but there is always next week..and the ideas just keep getting harder 🙂

  7. is the number generator i believe most people use

  8. Ro

    Excellent thatnk you and it works!!!! Yay!!! It was fun having Georgie pick a number, but not random enough I don’t think. Yay, thanks for letting me know!

  9. Hitting your head sucks, but sometimes it’s hard not to laugh because it sounds so awesome.

    I think my favourite head hitting was at Union Station in toronto. I had this friendly wager with a buddy that he wouldn’t be able to walk me into anything. For hours I was winning in spite of his best efforts which were, I must say, some fine efforts. He tried poles, racks, counters, walls…you name it, my blind guy skills outwitted him at every turn. But the bastard caught me in a moment of weakness, got me distracted and smacked me right into a wall. I wish I could describe the sound. It was like this thunderous boom that you could hear echoing through the whole area. It didn’t hurt, it was just the right kind of wall at the right angle. But even better than the sound it made were the gasps of the people around us. And when those people noticed my friend laughing I thought there might just be a homicide. Then they noticed I was laughing too and were just completely perplexed, some of them I think were even disappointed in me for putting up with such a tool of a so-called friend.

    I have no idea why I told that story, but there ya go.

  10. Ro

    You told the story because I really needed a laugh when I got home and email was the first thing I checked, so thanks. 😉

    My friend Casey and I had fun in line at the drug store one day. She handed be objects to see if I could guess them and I guessed every one, even the box of condoms. The guy in front of her wanted in so he handed her something to give me and I guessed Marhmellow Peeps and gave the guy a laugh. That was awesome. It’s a lot of fun sometimes, for sure.

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