Sorry, you have exceeded the maximum *edited*

Well I did my part in the voting for Rays Pepsi Refresh Project. Their idea was for cancer awareness for kids and they’re hoping for $200,000 grant. I was texting constantly, like every spare minute I had.

I always got a text back thanking me for my vote. Last night I got a text that read:

“Sorry, you have exceeded the maximum number of votes in the Pepsi Refresh Campaign.”

Nice. I voted a bunch of times online too. Not as often as the texting since it wasn’t as easy to do with Alex. 😉

Hope they win! I think it’s a great idea.

*Edit* I got a phone call after I posted this and then the game started and just for S and G’s I tried voting again and it’s letting me vote haha! Maybe I just exceeded the limit yesterday, who knows. We’re losing 3-0 to the O’s now. Why did the O’s have to get hot right during the playoff race? Arg.


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  1. I hope that cool off, cause we got to play them again some time in the near future…I think we lost to them the last time we met *sigh* and I read all that blog you suggested, anything else? Still 2 hours or more till the game starts here lol

  2. Ro

    Listen to the Rays game. We’re up 5-3 now. Our catcher hit a slam.

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