Sorry kids, Santa ain’t real

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to write a Vomit Comet type post when I read this story.
A primary school teacher told her class that Father Christmas doesn’t exist.

Apparently Miss Scrooge was getting annoyed with her students’ exuberant discussion of the upcoming holiday and decided to break the news to them that it’s the parents who leave out the presents.

I think I’d rather my child come home asking about the birds and the bees rather than have to admit that Santa is a farce right before Christmas.

apparently in the UK, they can still say things like Christmas and Father Christmas, unlike here, where they are actually calling the trees a “holiday tree”.

Back to Miss Scrooge though, I hope she gets a load of rubbish in her stocking. What a bloody wench.


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14 Responses to Sorry kids, Santa ain’t real

  1. Oy! She needs to get put on the lump of coal list with my old vision teacher. I was 7, and I was excited about Santa, and she just couldn’t take it anymore, and told me. Oh mom was mad mad mad madmadmadmadmad!

    I would have figured it out…it was starting to happen. If only she’d had patience.

  2. Oh dear! Jessica would be heartbroken, although Melody would be relieved. She’s really bothered by the idea that some bearded guy is going to break into our house. 🙂

  3. Ro

    Hmmm, did you guys already write about this? I seem to remember reading about your teacher telling you…

  4. Ro

    Hehe Sadia I can just picture Melody wanting all the entrances blocked up on Christmas Eve hehe!

  5. I don’t remember writing about it, but maybe I mentioned it in a quizzes ‘n’ shit post where I answered the question when did you figure out the deal with Santa?

  6. Ro

    Ah yes, I think that’s where I read it. So how’d I do mimicing you guys? 😉

  7. Pretty darn good. I had to chuckle when you said you were going to pull a vomit comet.

  8. Ro

    As I read the little article, I instantly thought of you guys hahha!!

  9. Wait…Santa isn’t real? what the…how the…who the…huh? Well, there go the holidays. Thanks a lot, Ro!

  10. Ro

    Well, tell your mom she shouldn’t have let her son turn 30 before he knew Santa was fake.

  11. Oh great, now I’m going to have to break the news to mom! this just keeps getting worse!

  12. Ro

    Uh oh, now she’s gonna know the man in the red suit she’s been sleeping with on Christmas Eve is just her husband.

  13. And when she finds that out she’s gonna be really pissed because they’ve been divorced for 15 years. Not looking forward to her finding out,but nice trick, dad.

  14. Ro

    Crap. My bah humbugness has killed any possibility of a witty remark.

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