Soriano in, Crawford replies to me on Twitter

I recently joined Twitter, not really for the social networking of it, but for baseball news. Awhile back, Bartlett was injured during a game and I wasn’t getting information quick enough and wished I had Twitter. I signed up that night and it’s been great. I mostly follow Rays players and a Rays blog and the official Rays Twitter account. It’s been so informative and all in one place and I’ve just added it to my morning reading and check it throughout the day and during games.

I was pleased to read this morning that our closer, Rafael Soriano, was named to the Allstar team. Everyone was surprised he hadn’t made it originally, and Mariano Rivera just pulled out, so Soriano is in. Yay! Congrats, Soriano. Did you break a smile?

Carl Crawford twittered, asking what’s good today. So I replied, ‘What’s good? How bout Soriano joining you in Anaheim?’ I got on Twitter this afternoon to find that Crawford had replied to my reply! He said, ‘Happy he is on the team, he’s deserving’. I began giggling like a school girl hahaha!! He replied to me!! Wow!!

Crawford is not only an incredible player, he’s just such a down to earth guy. And I’m not talking about twitter, he just seems that way in all his interviews. And it’s just awesome that he replied to me haha!!

It’s going to kill me if he decideds to wear pinstripes since he’s a free agent. I’ll still be a fan of his, I just hope maybe he’ll stay with the Rays.


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  1. Jen

    I love twitter! I refused to set up an account for ages but find it great for keeping in contact with people who I wouldn’t have had regular contact with before. Its great for radio updates, techy info, and finding grass for your dog to relieve if you are in an unfamiliar area haha

  2. Hey dude, is there a mac version of Qwitter? If so, it has a solona part. That might make it easier to use Solona if you ever broke down and decided to. Qwitter is a blinky twitter client if you’re wondering what I’m on about. And solona has become far more reliable these days, although it let me down on Miss Function’s blog. There are new developments on that thread by the way, *big mischievous grin*.

  3. Ro

    Yeah I’ve heard of it. Might have to check it out, though I’ve been able to solve all the CAPTCHAs I’ve run across as long as there’s audio. I’ll have to go check out that thread *evil giggle*

  4. Hers always come up with letters, so those helpful fellows from India will not speak.

  5. Ro

    SoloNa can’t do letters? Weird. For some reason I do ok with Google CAPTCHAs. Just lucky I guess.

  6. Oh Solona can. I buggered it the first time, didn’t realize the email version of the comment form had the captcha right there, so didn’t fill it out. From there on out, the captchas got super hard. Solona gave me solutions, but they were all wrong. so I had to break out the visum.

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