Something Special for a Decade?

I was asked earlier in the week if I was doing anything special for my anniversary on Friday. Oh that’s right, it is Friday, isn’t it. My favorite number next to 3 is 424. My sobriety anniversary is the most important anniversary in my life since there’s no way I’d have the life I have today without my sobriety. No way.

Unfortunately the universe decided to make things easy for me and help me remember the date I went blind by letting that happen on my three year sobriety anniversary. I swear, I have bad luck with double anniversaries.

Of course I knew my ten year sobriety date was this month. Of course I know today is special. It just snuck up on me, what can I say? It’s been a great book month, with two books out by two of my favorite authors, the baseball season began, Josh Groban has a new album out next week along with another book by an author I just discovered, my friends got two new snakes, B and I celebrated eight years together, see how easy it was for today to sneak up on me?

I thought about my friend asking if I was doing anything special so to days ago I went looking on Amazon at sobriety medallions since I no longer attend meetings and I’m not gonna be one of “those people” who show up just for the free medallion and cheers and claps on the back and hugs. Do I miss those things? Sure. do I feel the guilt I felt when I first stopped going to meetings and showing the newcomer sobriety is possible? Nope. Ha!

That’s called growth my friends. There are plenty of people able to be constantly available to show the newcomer sobriety is possible. It’s not up to just me to save the world and I can’t be one. And that’s ok. It’s been proven to me time and time again that my life has meaning, my story has meaning, and my friends prove that to me, so much so they made me cry this morning. Ya’ll know who you are, *cough* Twitter people. Twitter people who have become my friends and constant support, who make me laugh harder than anything else ever does, who understand that going blind is not the same as breaking one’s foot.

Oh but back to Amazon. I did buy myself a trinket for today that unfortunately won’t get here until next week since today snuck up on me. It’s a dog tag necklace with, 10 Years and, One Day at a Time on it. Simple, twelve bucks, and I can’t wait to get it. Dog tag necklaces are cool!

A few hours ago I was debating writing a post today since all I’ve done over the last several months is write about my life in that memoir. Would I do anything special today? My washer just beeped. It’s never beeped before. Odd.

So no, I’m not doing anything special today. I’m washing sheets. Josh Groban is singing from the bedroom. I listened to audio this morning of my friends feeding their snakes. I laughed and smiled, and then I cried after feeling a sudden bout of melancholy, thinking over the last ten years. Maybe writing would help, as a friend pointed out. I’ll write a post and title it, A Decade in Review. I’ll write about funny memories, touching memories, I’ll cry and laugh and hope you laugh and cry too. I had a good sob when the feelings of gratitude over my friends overwhelmed me, listened to my book while I ate my cereal and the urge to write a decade in review post fled. That story is in the memoir, not yet complete, not yet close to complete, but it will be there all the same.

Instead, today is a day of reflection and memory and grateful tears, all of which are personal to me on this day of double anniversary.

I’ll do my usual Friday thing, chores and reading and Twittering and I’ll think about the past absolutely insane decade of my life at times, but then I’ll stare into space and listen to the birds and be in today and just feel.

Oh and anxiously await the male and see what my friend sent. I guess I am doing something special. *Happy giggle*


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10 Responses to Something Special for a Decade?

  1. Ten years. Well done. That it snuck up on you says a lot, in the best possible way.
    Steve recently posted..Drinkin’ BeerMy Profile

  2. Wow 10 years. For some reason, i thought it was the 29th. Congratulations, and glad it just snuck up on you-it’s just a chapter in your book. I really can’t wait to read your book when it comes out by the way.

    Hugs for the rest of today.

  3. Pam

    The Nebraska family is proud of you girl! You have over-come hard times & found a much better life. Good luck on your book, you have a special talent for writing.

  4. Ro

    Thanks you guys! Oh and Steve, check out the subject of your blog post attached to your comment. SMH.

    Time for lunch and then hopefully another 2K words on the book. Thanks for the reminder that people want to read it. 🙂
    Ro recently posted..Something Special for a Decade?My Profile

  5. Hahaha wow. What are the odds? I forgot you had that little show a recent post thing floating around down there.
    Steve recently posted..2014 In News BloopersMy Profile

  6. Hehehehehe. I just looked at your comments, and then laughed my head off at what glued itself to Steve’s comment. Evil, just evil.
    Carin recently posted..Jimmy Kimmel’s Anti-Anti-Vaccer PSAMy Profile

  7. Ro

    Yeah, totally uncanny how that happened with the amount of posts yawl put up every day haha!
    Ro recently posted..Something Special for a Decade?My Profile

  8. When I first saw it a small part of me cringed, but then I thought naaah, if I know Ro the way I like to think I do, she’ll get a laugh out of it. After all, who had more fun with the function function mainstream friendly accessibility advocate drinking game without playing it than she did?
    Steve recently posted..Jimmy Kimmel’s Anti-Anti-Vaccer PSAMy Profile

  9. Ro

    It’s like a commeeeeeeeent, about drinking beer on your sobriety post, and isn’t it ironic, dontcha think?

    function function meep meep.
    Ro recently posted..Something Special for a Decade?My Profile

  10. Hehehe aww the memories.

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