“Someone to Watch Over Me” is a very scary song

Friday I wrote about reading, “From the Corner of His Eye” by Dean Koontz. I mentioned playing cards and quarters but I failed to mention the song, “Someone to Watch Over Me”.

I sang that song in choir. It’s not a scary song. But in the Koontz book, it had a supernatural connotation to it. I won’t write any more about that so I don’t spoil the book. I’ll just say the song fit in well with quarters and playing cards.

I just started another book that Georgie bought me because she just finished it and loved it. It’s, “One Day” by David Nichols. This book isn’t scary, not in the super natural sense or crime drama way, maybe in the coming of age way and the alcohol afflicted way but that’s another blog post.

I lay in bed last night and turned on the book and dissolved into that world and the female character was on a date and in the lounge the pianist was playing “Someone to Watch Over Me”.

My heart stopped. My breath caught. My eyes widened. I was transported from the restaurant and the couple’s date to the world of Koontz in the blink of an eye. That song, where is the detective, where are the quarters, oh my. I missed a few sentences of the book as I pondered the meaning of the song, a song that will always remind me of that detective and that maniac.

That is one powerful book, if it invades the next book I pick up and causes the same physical reactions yet again. I wonder if it will fade over time or if some day I can hear that song without the hair on my arms raising like a plant greeting the sun.

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