So that’s why Twitter and I work so well together

I’m having a terrible cognitive day today. Started taking vitamins this morning instead of the usual Lexapro and Zyrtec, couldn’t remember if I took my probiotic. Just a little bit ago I did something with the air conditioner/fan control that had me seriously questioning my ability to think properly. This morning when I was turning on iTunes Radio I voiced a thought out loud that made me chuckle so I wrote it down. I’ve since jotted down a few other random thoughts so I’m just going to post that because I’m not capable of thinking any further beyond what I’ve just written.


So wait, did they put the Fun in with the Lorde?

Apartment complex: Let’s street sweep and leaf blow right before a huge rain storm hits town.

I thought about Georgie this morning and then she called out of the blue. I began thinking about a million dollars.

Cell phone calls on airplanes? Nooooo! How annoying would that be if the guy behind you was shouting into his phone?


Those are pretty much just tweets. No wonder (actually wrote “no longer” wow) Twitter and I get along so well. It doesn’t take much brain power.


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  1. The thing I like about Twitter is that it takes as much or as little brain power as you choose to put into it at any given moment. If you want to just be happy and cheer for a baseball team, you can. If you want to tell some one or some thing to screw off, you can do that too. But there’s also the challenge of trying to convey something funny/important/profound in a very limited space. Sometimes that really does take some thought. How do I explain this idea and then pay it off in basically one line of text? And better still, how do I do it in complete sentences? At times it can be a pretty nice brain workout. It’s so in the moment, yet so all-purpose. Even though I don’t use it nearly as much these days, I’m still glad I left the Twitter is kind of stupid camp.

  2. Ro

    Yeah I honestly don’t know where I’d be without Twitter. It’s my news source, the place where my friends live, a place to express my thoughts, ask questions, get help, not feel alone. And yes, it definitely does take some brain power when you want to express an eloquent thought with only 140 characters haha.
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