Sloopy Hamster Chunks

Snarky snark snark meep meep function meep.

I am in a foul mood. I let a SunVan driver put me in a bad mood. The weather sucks. I didn’t go to the meeting because I let the SunVan driver piss me off and I didn’t say anything. I didn’t call and report him. I will tomorrow.

I debated whether to post that I was in a bad mood but decided it would help. I chose this blog to do it on. Because yeah, for the most part I’m cheery and stuf on this blog but why hide my true colors on a day where I’m not feeling so hot?

And I really wish I could go no mail on one of my lists. Just for a bit. Not the doggy one, don’t worry. The snarky one.

And the right speaker on my headphones decided to die. I had to make sure it wasn’t my right ear. After the stupid SunVan driver blasted his damned music. I would have had to yell for him to hear me. And then I was afraid to report it. Because he knows where I live. And in this crazy effed up world, who knows when someone will retaliate? I hate living in fear. I don’t live in fear, but I have my fearful moments. And this is one of them. I will have to call tomorrow. What if he does that to a little old lady? Or someone who has sensory issues? My hearing is sensitive. It hurts when things are loud. I protect my ears. I didn’t say anything. I should have said something. And he didn’t have the heat on in the van. And it’s freaking cold today. I came home and didn’t even want to be on my computer. I went back to Harry Potter. Popcorn and Harry Potter.

Stupid stupid I should have said something. I will tomorrow. I swear.

My day was fab until the ride home. And I let it ruin my whole day.


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  1. Don’t worry about it Ro, you’ll say something and he’ll get reprimanded. Ask the people to make it anonymous and you’ll have nothing to worry about. Besides, that guy may have ruined it with what he did but it only takes a little something good to put your day right again. Good for you for posting how you feel. Sometimes ranting makes you feel better. I know it makes me feel better lol. Ask Darrell… Sometimes I live to rant haha. Not the best quality but sometimes just talking about something makes it better. If nothing helps you feel better today, don’t worry, you’ll wake up tomorrow and it will be a better day. If not, just head on over to my blog and read all about my puppy walk and that will make you feel better lol.

    Hope your ranting and your replies help you feel better, go get some more popcorn. Or you could come over to Texas and have some banana cream pie with us. Should be good and set soon. lol. Tomorrow will be good.

  2. Hampster chunks? Interesting hahaha.

    Hey. Don’t beat yourself up over it. And I doubt he’d take a complaint like that too hard. Is he new? Maybe he just needs a minor training tune-up.

    If it’s the snark e snark list I think it is, maybe I’ll smack the listserve address and see if there is a way to go nomail. You can ask for a list of all commands you can send. Maybe there’s one in there you don’t know about. They certainly are a mouthy bunch right about now. Or have you already done that?

    Hope tomorrow is better.

  3. Try going here. Click manage your subscription, then log in, and see if there is a nomail option.

  4. Awesome. All ya gotta do is log in and there’s an enabled versus disabled option. If you disable it, snark e snark won’t come to your inbox, but you’ll still be subscribed.

    Now, this is assuming you are referring to the list I think you are. Hopefully me and umptions have not become asses.

  5. Ro

    Thanks ladies.

    Can’t tell how I feel today yet. Think I’m gonna listen to Harry Potter and work on the baby blanket for most of the day.

    Carin, thanks for finding that info. Now it’s in a safe place so I know where to find it. Man, that list is drving me nuts, but I keep reading, and posting. It’s like a bad car wreck. Oh, and my title came from your blog…

    Natalie, good luck on your puppy walk today! Pie sounds wonderful 🙂

  6. Oh…from Dorfus chickenbutt? I’d forgotten about the chunks.

    I am simultaneously fascinated and overwhelmed by that list. You gotta learn how to filter, girl! I have 10 subfolders under my inbox keeping my spam and my other mailing lists in line so they don’t co-mingle with messages from family and friends. And I also group messages by conversation, so I see something that says collapsed re: list ettiquet, and bye-bye, the whole thread takes a dirt nap. I should do some research into your mail client to see if you can easily filter and collapse messages. It would make your life much easier and email wouldn’t chomp on so many spoons as I’m sure it does now.

  7. Ro

    I found where I can do fulters. In Mail, it’s called rules. It looked like a daunting task, so I need to tackle it when my brain is at full capacity.

  8. Yeah it can look daunting. I remember I didn’t even try it for a long time hahah. Now I love love looove it. I join whatever mailing lists I want regardless of their traffic levels because they all have their own happy homes. If I for some reason don’t look at one list for a week, no worries, it’s all there for me and nothing important gets buried in it.

  9. Harry Potter hath charms to soothe the savage beast. There’s nothing like melting into a good book when you’re feeling down.

  10. Ro

    Amen to that. I go through a Harry Potter phase every few months, when I need to run away to fantasy land. I tried listening to Angela’s Ashes, but it just wasn’t having the soothing effect good ol’ Harry does. Balling up yarn to prepare for a blanket and Harry’s about to play his first Quidditch match. 🙂

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