“Six Years” and “The Innocent” by Harlan Coben – narrated by Scott Brick

I started writing the html code for this post on March 2. I’ve been awake for awhile already this morning, thanks insomnia, so I’m going to try and use the extra time to get caught up on blog posts.

So when I finished the Song of Ice and Fire books and craved some Scott Brick, I tweeted:

@Raynaadi After that epic series I was in the mood for some @ScottBrick, but which book? Oh! @HarlanCoben, no freaking brainer.

I picked “No Second Chance” and the morning after I finished it I got this mention:

@ScottBrick @Raynaadi @HarlanCoben Ooooh, hope it was Six Years, that one freakin’ ROCKED!

WoW! I replied:

@Raynaadi @ScottBrick @HarlanCoben It was No Second Chance. I was in tears near the end. I’ll do Six Years next. Thanks!

To which he tweeted:

@ScottBrick @Raynaadi @HarlanCoben Excellent choice!

“Six Years” was crazy! Imagine if someone you fell in love with during a whirlwind romance suddenly told you she was marrying another. Imagine going to her wedding to see it with your own eyes. Imagine her telling you to leave her alone and never contact her. What would you think? Wouldn’t you wonder if you had done something wrong? You think back on all those incredible days and can’t wrap your head around why all of the sudden she’s marrying someone else. You keep your promise though. You don’t contact her. You think about her every day but you keep your promise.

Then one day six years later you run across something on a news crawler that quickens your heart and makes you break your promise. And everything you thought you knew turns to incomprehensible mental molasses. I found myself questioning my own sanity while listening to this book. No wonder Scott Brick said it rocked. I wonder if he questioned his sanity while he narrated it. Harlan Coben is a master! I can’t wait for his new book which I’ll be getting when my new Audible credits come in. Check out Coben talking about “Missing You” here.

Rating: So good!

“Six Years” at Audible ~ “Six Years” at Amazon

“The Innocent” was the end of my Coben binge. I’m not sure if I had just gotten used to his formula after listening to several so close together but this book just didn’t quite do it for me. A man goes to prison for awhile for a crime he believes he’s innocent of and yeah, while I can see his point, I had to agree with the sentence. He gets out of prison and falls conveniently into a nice life with a beautiful woman who he just happened to meet back before the “incident”. Low and behold things aren’t always what they seem and he’s suddenly plunged into a mystery that threatens to unravel his new wonderful life. I just couldn’t quite buy this one. I couldn’t quite care enough about the characters. It just fell a little flat for me. But hey, as Joe Maddon likes to say about “ugly wins”, “they can’t all be oil paintings”.

Rating: Entertaining

“The Innocent” at Audible ~ “The Innocent” at Amazon

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