Singing My Praises To Tea

Last year when I was on some nasty antibiotics for diverticulitis, I found myself craving hot tea instead of coffee, which for me was truly bizarre since I’m a huge coffeeholic. The antibiotics I’m on for my tooth infection are no exception and I had B pick up a box of LIpton tea for me last weekend. For some reason, I didn’t have any tea all week but this morning I found myself wanting a cup.

Someone on Twitter the other night suggested having “a tea” when I was tweeting about not knowing how I’ll deal with this pain for four to six weeks while the insurance suits decide if my surgeon is correct in wanting to pull my teeth.

My pain was immediately soothed when I started sipping the hot tea this morning! I couldn’t believe it. I had to look up why tea was soothing my tooth pain. That article suggests placing the used tea bag in the mouth where the pain is so when I finished my cup, I did just that and oh my sweet relief! I just had my second cup and the tea bag is in my mouth. It has loosened up my jaw as well! I’ve been noticing when I share a banana with Jayden that it hurts to open my mouth for the piece of banana. After the tea and bag, it didn’t hurt to eat the banana!

I hope this lasts and isn’t a fluke that the pain will just end up eventually overriding. You have no idea how wonderful it is to have some relief! Actually I’m sure you do. Chances are you’ve experienced some kind of pain in your life that was threatening to drive you mad, only to discover a wonderful remedy. If this keeps working, maybe I can manage to wait for the insurance suits to decide my fate! It’s the little things.

I just made my third cup of tea after accidentally biting into my tea bag haha. I haven’t had a bag in my mouth for about fifteen minutes and I can feel the pain lurking. I think I’ll get some chamomile tomorrow like that article suggests. I wonder if it’s caffeine free. Ah, according to Google it is, good stuff. I’m so happy! Yay tea!

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