Silicone Sally and B

B is so funny when he pays bills and has to deal with Silicone Sally. The last few times he’s paid the Comcast bill, it’s been a nightmare. They keep changing their systems, so just when you get used to one menu, it changes. They used to just require you to push buttons, and now it’s a mixture. So for some stuff, you have to speak and for others you can just press buttons.

We use different cards to make our payments because we pay different shares, and for months now, it will only let us make one payment in a day. You make one payment, and try to make another and it tries to transfer you to customer service.

anyway, so he calls tonight to pay my share since we’re taking care of everything before we leave. They’ve changed the menu again. So they’re saying all the options and nothing about making a payment. B says, “what the ****?” Sally says, “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that’ and launches into the menu again. So B says it slowly, “What. The. ****” Again Sally is confused, so B hangs up.

He called back again and figured out where to go to make a payment and then Sally asked a question like, is that correct. When B said yes, she said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite understand that” or something. So B puts on a really polite voice and says, “Yes! That was correct!” To which Sally replies, “Ok, thank you.” Haha!!

It goes on like this, B having to give complete sentances for her to understand and then she repeats my card number and finally gives him the confirmation number. Then she asks if she should repeat the confirmation number and B says, “No ma’am!!”. And finally the call is over. I said that was painful. He said it was comical haha!

So that was our Silicone Sally fun tonight. I’m getting really nervous and not much is going on on Blogger and FB or email so I’m going a little crazy.


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  1. Hahahaha sounds like my dad. He hate hate hates dealing with those silicone things.

    We just got back from dinner. Mmmm that was good stuff. And yea gift certificates. I think they cut our bill in half!

  2. You guys haven’t gone to paying bills on-line yet? I totally recommend it if you can. I HATE dealing with those Sally things and do on-line bill pay all the way.

  3. Ro

    No, we don’t pay bills online. We used to, but now that we split them and stuff, it’s just easier to do it over the phone. I think he pays his own stuff online, but for the stuff we split and my stuff, I do it over the phone. For me, Sally is actually easier than battling company websites with a screen reader.

    Carin, yay for gift certificats! I’ve got a Visa gift card I’m keeping for Starbucks in Cali yay!

  4. Since you’re splitting bills and such, why not just send your share to him and then have him pay it all at once? Might make things simpler and you wouldn’t have the pain of trying to make multiple payments through those stupid systems.

  5. Ro

    We could do that, but then we’d have a bank trip. It’s only once a month that we deal with the phone. It’s really not that bad.

  6. You seriously need to get hooked up with telephone/online banking. Once you start you’ll wonder how you ever got along with out it.

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