Silicon Sally

I really didn’t plan on writing tonsof posts today, but this was just too funny.

You know those new stupid phone systems now where you dial the 800 number and Silicon Sally comes on and says something like, “Hello! Welcome to (insert company)! For English, say English. Ok, how can I help you today? You can say anything like, how many minutes do I have to, make a payment.” So you say “make a payment” but you talk over her so she doesn’t hear you. So you say “make a payment” again, feeling more and more ridiculous that you’re talking to a computer. I love it the most when I just want to talk to a human so I say “customer service” and she says “Ok, you would like to speak to a representative, is that right?” “yes.”

So just now, I’m in the other room. I hear B turn on the speaker phone which he does when he calls Walgreens to refill his prescription. I hear, “Welcome to Walgreens! Would you like to refill a prescription?” B goes, “What the hell…..” and then a resigned, “Yes”. She asks him for more information and he gives it, sounding like he thinks this is the most stupid thing ever. She doesn’t respond. He says “yes” again. She responds after about 5 seconds. Then she says “Ok, enter or say your prescription number”. I hear him enter. And then I don’t hear anything. He says “yes”. Nothing. Yes. Nothing. I’m laughing silently, thinking that she’s not repsonding so he just keeps saying yes. Until I realize he’s taken it off speaker phone. I come back in the room and he’s going, yes. Yes. Yes. No. Yes. Ok. Yes.

and hangs up. I say, don’t like the new system? He said its a little weird.

I remember when my Grandma sold her car, and she was calling the insurance company to cancel the insurance. I had set up the account for her, and they wanted to talk to me, so she was calling them back when I was there. She could not for the life of her, respond in a way that Silicone Sally liked. Porr thing was getting so frustrated, and trying over and over, that I said I would do it and I called and just said “customer service”.

Why did they switch to this system? Do they think its easier for people to not hit buttons? I appreciate the ones that say “enter or say” for all of it, and give you the option of saying yes or no, or pressing 1 or 2.

Is this supposed to be easier for the blind, or the elderly, or for people who can’t push buttons well? Whtever happened to just hitting zero?

I just feel like a complete ass saying yes or no to a computer, especially when I say what I want and it doesn’t understand me so I’m yelling it into the phone.

I would love it if somehow these places could record the calls, and then make a montage of how people sound when they are trying to conduct their business with Silicone Sally. I know some of my calls would be a hoot.


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  1. Haha, Darrell hates Sally, so much that he pretty much yells when he hears her voice. He winds up messing so much stuff up that she says something about having problems understanding what he wants and takes him to customer service. So then he’s happy lol. By the way, he started his own blog today yay. Go check it out at d 8 8 r g dot blog spot dot com

  2. R

    Hahah good to know I’m not the only one. Yay I’m so glad he started a blog! Off to check it out, thanks!

  3. R

    Hmm, the address didn’t work?

  4. hmmm I spelled it out there for you. Here is the whole thing together if you know how to copy and paste Hope it works, let me know if it doesn’t

  5. R

    Oooooooh hahahaha I just copied and pasted what you wrote originally not knowing you had spelled it out tee hee.

    The link worked fine, got it now, thanks!

  6. Sorry, I didn’t know if you knew how to do that or not lol.

  7. R

    Oh it took awhile to figure out how, and now I don’t know how I lived without knowing how lol!

  8. God I hate Silicone Sally. We have one for Bell Telephone, and she’s so nauseatingly pleasant that she’s unpleasant. Gaaa. Just let me push stuff.

  9. R

    My favorite is at the end when she says “is there anything else I can help you with?” I always say no, because I’m afraid if I don’t finish the call, my transaction wont’ be completed. Then she says, “Ok, well it was nice talking with you, goodbye!” And I always say bye…

    See this is why I want to hear recordings. I mean, I can’t even be rude to a stupid computer, so I’ll freakin talk to her. I just bet some of the comments and frustrations during some calls are so funny.

  10. as good as voice recognition is getting, it’s not good enough yet for companies to be using. I too get really frustrated when the computer doesn’t understand me, but the most frustrating thing is that you can’t say anything when you’re intereacting with those machines because then they’ll say something like, “I didn’t understand.” when all I was doing was clearing my throat or something. I understand that that this system may be more accessible for some, but I think it’s just a frustration for most of us. I am happy to say that the two bills I paid this morning on the phone had button pushing systems.

  11. R

    Oh haha yeah that is the absolute worst, when you clear your throat or cough and it confuses Sally. Hopefully some day it’ll be nice and fine tuned. For now, give me buttons 😉

  12. I’m pretty sure the reason these systems exist is to annoy us and make things generally irritating. Oh, and to ensure that any love we could possibly have for corporations is balanced out.

    Hey Carin, remember when I used to try to come up with complicated words for yes and no to see if I could confuse the 411 computer?

    The funniest story I ever heard about one of these voice system dealies was a few years ago. I can’t remember where this happened exactly but my brain is thinking Shreeveport, Louisiana. One of the agencies there spent a buttload of money putting in one of these things only to have to take it out because the computer couldn’t handle the local accent and nobody could use it. Way to make sure it works *before* you write the cheque, guys! Government in action I suppose.

  13. R

    Oh you know I never thought about accents and Sally. I’m gonna try that…Thats gotta suck for people with thick accents, I wonder if they’ve complained about being descriminated against?

    Hmmm, I’ve gotta pay my phone bill today so I’ll need to talk to Sally. I’m gonna try an accent and see what happens.

  14. hahahahaha really funney!

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