Sick or not? (Human not dog)

Just firing off today’s post quickly before I go crash out. I think I might be getting sick, and of course when I was sick last year I didn’t write down how it felt when it started, so I can’t tell if I’m sick or if it’s just MS fatigue. I had a pretty bad morning too, so that might be part of it and it’s finally cold today so that might be part of it.

Long story short, I feel like death warmed over even after my post yesterday about how great I’ve been feeling. Guess I didn’t knock on wood hard enough. If it’s the flu or a cold, I just wish I’d know for sure so I can do the right things. Feel weak and drained, some tingling in my nose and throat. Aside from that, nothing major though my throat feels a little full and aches. Blech. Ok, off to crawl in a hold now. 😉

PS – My Evan won a Gold Glove. 🙂


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3 Responses to Sick or not? (Human not dog)

  1. Lots of people seem to be impacted by the funky weather. Are you having funky weather?

    Damn! I pounded pretty good on my desk! Guess it wasn’t enough.

  2. Ro

    Yeah, it got chilly by Arizona’s standards. Low sixties and windy. I have no idea if that’s it. The blog says I was sick in November last year, so I guess it fits.

  3. I would say sick, I felt like that for a few days last week…I also ran fever for a bit but never had sore throat or nose problems….

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