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Ah…learning a screen reader. I’m still learning commands for Voiceover, even 10 months later. I’ve got all the basics down and am really fast, but there are still some higher level commands to learn. One of which being the command to navigate by header. Most webpages are layed out using headings. So as I’m going along, it might say “heading level one, October 3, 2009” and then “heading level 2, Blog subject”. I’ve known that I could skip around by heading for faster navigation, but was never really comfortable doing it, because I had gotten so fast at just scrolling down familiar pages. But today, I decided that I really needed to learn this.

I’m reading a blog about different puppies, and after reading about Douglas, I wanted to read about Ellis. The way the blog is set up, I can click on the labels and read only the posts involving the puppy I want. I was reading about Ellis, but several of the posts are about Douglas too, so I had already read them. It was during this that I realized I really needed to be able to quickly skip the posts I’d already read.

So I went to my new favorite search engine, I love but that is another post. I tried searching for the Voiceover command for navigating by header, but I just wasn’t having any luck. I was trying to chat with a friend on yahoo during all this, and after about 45 minutes, I decided to check Mac Visionaries. Mac Visionaries is a Google group of other blind Mac users, and where I’ve learned about 80% of what I know about my computer. I went to the search and typed in “navigating by header” and searched the group.

This is where I began shoulding on myself. The first result was….oh do I have to admit this….my very own post that I had posted months ago about how to navigate by header….if only I had searched Mac Visionaries first, or remembered that I had asked the question there months ago.

There’s this movie called “Center Stage”, really cheesy movie about ballet dancers, but I love it. One of the dancers is having troubles, and the ballet teacher walks over to the bar and says something like, “always come back home, your home is here” and she pounds on the bar. So, Mac Visionaries is my bar, and I always need to check there first when having a Voiceover issue hehe.

I managed to start navigating the blog by header, and it worked like a charm 😉

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