Shopping for functions

Tomorrow I get to go shopping with Georgie for my upcoming functions. Georgie has become my personal shopper and fashion consultant since I lost my sight and she keeps me very well dressed hehe. For the concert, I need black bottoms and a white top. I was hoping for a skirt, but skirts have to be floor length, and I’m not gonna try and juggle a skirt and my cane and an elbow going up the steps to sing haha. I’ve got a pair of black slacks I bought last year to go to West Virginia, and I tried them on and they barefuly fit. Way loose yay! But they’ll work. Georgie has a button down white top that she’s gonna bring to see if I like, and then I won’t have to buy anything for the concert function.

The other function I need to shop for is B’s holiday party for his company. It’s a pretty fancy party held at the Hilton. I went to this function 2 years ago when I could see. Gamma and I spent an entire day trying to find a good dress. I was a lot heavier then, and I found an ok dress to wear, but when I showed up at the party, I felt way under dressed. So this year I’ll be prepared for this function. Georgie said the best place to shop for nice dresses that won’t cost an arm and an eye is JC Penny, so we’re headed there tomorrow. I’m trying not to have an idea of what kind of dress I want, because when I have something in mind, I never find it. I’ll trust Georgie to pick something out that’s good. I’ll probably get some fun jewlery to go with it, just those cheap pieces you can only wear a few times lol. A pair of black ballet flats will work for both functions, so I won’t have to drop a lot of money that i don’t have.

After that I’m getting yarn to make a baby blanket for my friend. I can’t go in to any kind of detail in case she stumbles onto my blog. I’m excited to start a crochet project because I haven’t made anything in awhile.

I certainly hope I have enough energy for all this tomorrow. I’ve got O & M with Dave in the morning and it’s freaking cold here right now. Not feeling well today at all, this whole week actually. So I just hope I can survive the shopping trip.

I want to look good while attending these functions.

Really the only reason I wrote this post is because I’m trying to make myself stay up until 8 and nothing is keeping me occupied. And I wanted to write a certain word a lot.

This is my one time of year to be girlie 😉


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  1. That is so nice to have a personal shopper. I appreciate so much the friends and Steve that have such a great knack for helping me shop. Sounds like some fun events too.

  2. Hahahahaha you and your functions. I gotta get a good drink next time I read this post. Glug glug hehehehehe I’ll be drunk in no time!

  3. Since you wrote this to say a certain word a lot, does that mean I’m going to have to play a certain game that started a certain thread that’s still going on a certain blog? I wonder if you’d beat the score…it might be close.

  4. Ro

    Becky, yeah it really souds like a fun party. I’m more excited to shop for that than I am the concert tee hee! Friends are priceless 🙂

    Steve and Carin, I wasn’t even thinking of the game haha! I really was just bored last night and making myself stay up. I really wanted to write a really sarcastic post about how much sighted assistence I’l need. Like the fact that one of B’s co-workers assured him she’d sit with us so I’m not stuck alone when he has to go MC. Wow, how awful that a nice co-worker of B’s I haven’t seen in awhile wants to keep me company. It’s so awful that all those nice people want me to go to the function and be comfortable 😉

    Becky, this is probably confusing, but a few months ago, there was a post on another blog really making it sound demeaning that we might need sighted assistence to go to a function. The 3 of us were really disgusted by it and we’ve kinda turned it into a crazy game, well, those 2 have 😉

  5. Yuppers, and the comment thread hit I think 151 comments now. I don’t even know how many subjects we hit. And because of your function post, we might play the function game and then try and shoot cell phone pictures of Trix. Oooo!

  6. Ro

    Oh boy. Did I provide Friday night plans? 😉 How many times did I say function?

  7. A fair number. We are so gonna get snookered and not be able to…function. Meep.

  8. They’ll be Saturday plans, but I think you did. Not sure how many times you said it, that’ll be counted up as the game is played lol.

  9. Ro

    Ah, Snooker. Only played it once. Such a challenging game. But after my session with the professional, I used a Snooker stance, so people thought I was a Snooker player.

  10. Ro

    Hmmm, maybe I should think of more drinking games lolol! You’ll have to let me know how it works out 😉 I bet Carin can’t hang hehehe!

  11. Oh I dunno. I do play the Judge Judy drinking game that we made up. Any time she says one of her catch phrases like “Put your hand down” or “I’m speaking!” or “Don’t look over there, look here.” or “Are you trying to talk over me?” or “Do you get it?” or “You’re an idiot!” we take a good ol’ sluggaroo. Although she’s let us down lately and not been too big on her phrases.

  12. Ro

    Wow hahahahah!!! Even if I drank, I can’t really think of how any of my shows would fit in with a drinking game lol.

  13. Function game complete. And you beat Princess Function by one drink!

    Ok. You know the rules according to Steve. One drink for function or functions, two for functional or functioning. Steve thought functions should be two, but I said no no nooo! I’ll do this, but I don’t wanna die! I think I would have said “en un une” a lot more. You’ll understand later.

    I’m drinking cherry whisky with coke, and Steve’s drinking a rye and coke. Off we go. Glug glug glug.

    “shopping for functions” 1 drink

    “Tomorrow I get to go shopping with Georgie for my upcoming functions.” one drink.

    “and then I won’t have to buy anything for the concert function.” one drink.

    “The other function I need to shop for…” one drink.

    “I went to this function 2 years ago…” one drink.

    Note from Steve: We’ve already killed Carin.

    “So this year I’ll be prepared for this function.” one drink.

    Note from Steve: Does anybody know what en un une means? That’s what Carin just said to me.

    “A pair of black ballet flats will work for both functions,” one drink.

    “I want to look good while attending these functions.” one drink.

    Note from Steve: Refill for Steve! Note from Carin: Oh I’m nowhere close and look at me.

    But we’re done. yeeee! I think I’m toasted. And I didn’t even finish my drink. I suck, suck, suck! Hmmm. Can I come up with something completely random for the blog? I think I’ve only written one drunken post in a little over 5 years. Steve on the other hand has a few drunken posts under his belt.

    And all your recovery friends who may or may not read this probably want to crucify me, or us, or something. I wonder if Steve will be able to…function…tomorrow. I can’t spell tomorrow while drunk.


  14. Ro

    Hahahahahhahahah!!!! This was priceless!!! I never even thought about this when I wrote that post haha!! So do you do it quickly then? So its not just a slow game. Do you have Jaws read it and you have to drink every time he says function? I love it!

    Oh and I don’t think too many recovery friends read, and the ones who do know that drinking games are perfectly fine for normies, and we get to watch the madness 😉

  15. It’s slow fast slow fast. Slow because I have JAWS read it, and then I have to copy out the part with the function and make a note and then take the drink. Then read, copy, type, drink. Read, copy, type, drink. If it were any faster, I might fall on the keyboard.

    And hey, who coined the term normies. I’d love to know.

  16. Ro

    I think if I had been using a screen reader back in the drinking days, I would have stuck a straw in the beer and drank at speed. And Alex talks really fast lol!!!

    You’re typing pretty well now. Did you guys play it a bit ago?

    Oh, I have no idea who coined the term normies. I heard it in meetings, and its what we all affectionately call those normal drinkers. Might be interesting to google lol!!

  17. I think we did it about an hour or so ago. My typing’s ok, but I’m all spazzy hahaha.

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