She’s taking a writing course?

Yepper! I got an email from a reader after I posted to JayNoi yesterday, asking me what is F2K? Well, it’s a free online writing course offered by Writer’s Village University. Also known as WVU, but not West Virginia University haha! Can you tell I’m a little giddy?

JayNoi is a mentor for F2K, so she’s always talking about it on her blog. I have expressed interest the last two times but decided it wasn’t a good time. This time, I signed up the day of the deadline. I’ve never tried my hand at fiction. A few months ago, I got an idea for a silly little fairy tale and came up with first names for the who main characters, but I never wrote anything down. This first week at F2K is orientation, so we’re not actually writing yet, just getting familiar with the website. My mentor posted an exercise though, just write. Write about anything. Even just write, “I don’t know what to write”. Haha! I do that here with my nothing posts. So I started just throwing ideas about my characters into a text document, because my imagination suddenly took them out of a fairy tale setting and ideas came flooding in like a drink held to the lips when a car suddenly starts moving. I had to write. I literally ran to my computer to get the ideas down. Who knows if they’re any good. I guess time will tell.

I used to be quite the writer back in school, but those were academic papers, not fiction. I read JayNoi’s blog religiously, as she writes posts about how to write. So now I’m jumping in to writing for real and we’ll see where it goes. The first lesson won’t be posted until Wednesday and I just can’t wait to get started!

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    Cool! Hope you enjoy the class.

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