She’s got a Mustache Starting Here

I’m remembering now what a lot of typing does to my right shoulder muscle. Ow! I just worked it out a bit with my foam roller but it’s still giving me big twinges as I type this. So I’m going to write about a short dream I remember.

I rarely remember dreams and this one is sticking with me because it’s just so weird, though aren’t all dreams weird? Anyway, you know how at the dentist there’s no doors on the rooms? Why is that? Everyone can hear the dentist lecturing you about not flossing every day and you can hear the kid in the next room laughing with a wide open mouth.

In my dream I was at the dentist’s office, laying back in the chair, mouth wide open when the dentist says to his assistant, “she’s got a mustache starting here, we’re going to need the wax.”

My eyes widen in mortification that the entire office heard that I have the beginnings of a mustache and that’s where the dream ends.

This one is pretty simple to interpret. I’ve been to the dentist a lot recently, it’s Muvember (is that how they spell it?) so mustaches are talked about constantly on social networks, and I’m terrified of one day growing a ladystache (I just made that up) and I won’t know it and no one will tell me. Good times, dreams.

Random Happy

Grab the tissues! Beyonce makes young blind fan’s night with tear jerking dedication and duet ~ Direct youtube link to the video if you can’t play it in the article.

I secretly hoped this would happen to me when I went to the Carrie Underwood concert when I was six days blind but alas, hehe.


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  1. Hehehehehe that sounds like a me dream. I had a Movember dream about Steve trying to grow a mustache, but that was a couple of years ago.

    Ah the things we dream.
    Carin recently posted..He Shoots, But If He Could Score He Wouldn’t Be Doing This Kind Of ThingMy Profile

  2. Ro

    Any time I have a medication change, I remember my dreams for a bit while I adjust. So with this dental stuff, I was on antibiotics and some strong pain killers. Enter the remembrance of dreams! There was one scary dream but luckily that memory has faded. More silly dreams please!
    Ro recently posted..She’s got a Mustache Starting HereMy Profile

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