She’s getting a guide dog!

Ever wonder what getting a guide dog is like when you live in Ireland? Well, Torie is getting her first guide dog! She lives in Ireland and it’s really interesting to see how they do things there. She’s going to class August 30 and it looks like they already have a match for her. The dog’s name is Ushi and Torie has already gone on some walks with her. When she goes to class, she’ll go stay at a hotel and finish up her training with Ushi. Torie is going through all the emotions we all go through when about to get our first guides, so let’s all go give her support and watch as the training unfolds! Congrats Torie!!


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  1. Awwww thanks for the post Ro. I thought all the emotions weren’t normal lol. By the way, if other people comment do you want me to reply?

    Thanks so much for supporting me, and posting this!!! Xxxxxx.

  2. Ro

    Of course you can reply. Heck yes all the emotions are normal. I have no idea how many posts I have about wondering if I was ready, all the doubts and stuff.

  3. Cool. One minute it’s real, and the next, it’s like i’m still waiting. Then that little voice says that i won’t be able to cope and all that. It’s annoying!!! I want to believe that it is happening!! Xxx

  4. Ro

    Yep, all normal hehe. I still have those days after having Jayden over five months lol. It’ll sink in the first night you stay with her and then when you get home and every little noise freaks you out and you blog asking your friends if that hacking sound is normal, or worried that she’s bored, or when she doesn’t poop when you expect her too. 😉

  5. Jen

    Nice one Ro! I know how excited Torie is about finally getting a dog. Really looking forward to hearing how all the training goes.
    Jen and OJ x

  6. Lol i can’t believe it’s been 5 months lol.

    Apparently she only poops twice a day after she is fed, but i hope she doesn’t get too bored lol.

    Can i post this on my blog? Just as a thank you. What would we do without blogs and twitter and all that lovely stuff!

    I hope to keep you all updated at the hotel. They say the first few days we can just spend time in our rooms at night, and we can even just be on the computer or something, and talk to her every so often. Hopefully she won’t feel neglected lol. I just want to make sure i’m doing it all right. Time seems to have slowed down though since i found out!!!

    I need to find out what way the net access is, but i can’t find the hotel anywhere on the web. At the other hotel it was like a card you had to get every 25 hours, and you had to type in a username and password, and i had to get someones eyes to do that.

    Xxxxxx, and thank you all for the congratulations messages. I might not reply to all the comments, but i will make sure and reply when i have time!

  7. Ro

    I can tell you that while the dog’s relieving schedule is fairly predictable, it does change from time to time, so she might only go one a day sometimes, which can be nerve wracking if she doesn’t go before you want to head out lol. Jayden pretty reliably goes in the mornings, but sometimes he won’t poop the whole rest of the day. Sometimes it’s when I least expect it, so I always always always have a poop bag in my pocket. Always lol. Oh and feel free to post this on the blog. 🙂

  8. How will you know when he will actually do it on route? Will he just sit and plop? I would be so so so so embarrassed lol. Does it not look bad if you don’t notice and just leave it?

    Xxxxx, and thanks. All you guys are really helping.

  9. Ro

    He went on route twice while I was in class. I had no idea until the instructor threw a fit. It’s happened twice at home as well. The first time I was walking in my complex with B and Jayden went. That one was my fault because I took him right before his normal relieving time. The second time I was out with my instructor and that was just weird because he had gone in the morning and then we had a lesson only about two hours later. All these times were right after we were matched and right after we got home. He hasn’t done it since so I think everything has just fallen into a routine. The times that he did, I had no idea except I had a sighty with me. The dogs stop for various reasons so unless I had reached over and felt him hunched, I wouldn’t have known.

    Sure it’s mildly embarassing but it’s gonna happen. As long as it’s not often. I don’t think people would fault us.

  10. Yup they can tend to crap if they’re stressed, which they are when you’re a brand spankin’ new team. After a while you will learn their signals, so you may be able to get the harness off in time so they don’t crap in harness. But that takes time. I’ve had to stop on route to let Trix go if we’re walking for a loooong time and she’s decided she didn’t have to poop when I gave her a chance. Then I start to notice the head looking longingly at the grass on the outer shoreline as if to say, “On second thought…” So I always bring a bag. That is the wisest piece of advice my friend Jon could have given me. Always bring a bag.

  11. Cool. But are you meant to correct the dog though? I hope that if it does happen, that it is somewhere quiet, and not when there is loads of people!!!!!! As long as it doesn’t happen in a shopping centre or anything lol. Then do you just bend down and pick it up? Our command for going is “busy busy” lol. I would hope that you wouldn’t be walking along and someone says “Oooh i had a busy busy day”. Lol that would then be a shitty shitty day lol literally!!!

    What a random convo about poo!!!! Xxxxxxx. Thanks for all the advice so far and sorry if i am pestering you all.

  12. Ro

    You will talk about poop so much more hahahaha! You know, I don’t remember if we corrected. I don’t think we did. It was just, bend over and pick it up. We were taught to always remove the harness before relieving so they would get that they weren’t to go in harness. Our command is “do your business” lol. Anytime someone asks me in person about the relieving I’m always leary of telling them the command hahaha. Jayden has only relieved in harness outside. He had accidents in the house when he was sick, which I found out later is kinda common after all the turmoil the dog goes through. But he was always good about going on the tile when he had to go and couldn’t tell me he needed to go outside lol. Poop is definitely a huge factor in owning a guide dog, but you get used to it and really if they’re eating good quality food, not a whole lot comes out. 😉

  13. Some people say to correct, and then just get that harness off fast fast fast. Some tell you to tell the dog to sit for a second so maybe, maybe, they’ll stop, and then say no and get the harness off. I think it all depends on circumstance.

    I was afraid about that too hahaha. I went to another school whose command was busy busy before I got Trix. Then I was evaluating an older version of Voiceover for the university, and when the computer is busy doing something, it would say busy, busy. I would pray pray pray that my dog wouldn’t say, “why yes, thank you for the opportunity!” plop. But I think for most dogs, there is so much more than just the word. There is context. There is the fact that you’re standing in a place that looks like a place they use for busy, there is the fact that you have taken off the harness, there is the fact that they just finished walking or are about to start, or it’s that time right after food. There is so much more than just the word for the poocherooski.

    Never consider it pestering. If I had known the questions to ask before getting my first dog, it would have been so nice to have brains to pick. I remember the day I talked to one handler after I said I had been accepted, and she gave me a list of things I might need, and I got off the phone, and I couldn’t stop shaking. I emailed Steve, we weren’t living together, and just kept writing “I can’t stop shaking I can’t stop shaking! So much to do!” Now, it’s old hat.

  14. Ro

    I agree with Carin, you can never ask us too many questions and you will never annoy us. And yeah about the context. It’s becoming so routine for Jayden that he knows when it’s time to “go outside” at Gamma’s. I always say, need to go outside? right before I take him out. That sets up the, oh she’s gonna let me do my business now. So it starts before we get out the door. At Gamma’s, I work him to the spot and remove his harness. At home we just go right outside. So he knows when it’s all gonna happen no matter where we are. I stay as close to a schedule as I can. First thing after eating in the morning, then right before we’re gonna leave I give him the chance. I pretty much take him out every two to three hours. He pretty much always urinates when I take him out. I like to make sure he urinates again before we leave the house and when I give the command, he nearly always manages to squeeze some out. I’m never wrorried unless he doesn’t poop in the morning. Also as the bonding goes on, she’s only gonna take commands from you. So she could hear someone say busy busy busy but it’s not her person so she’s gonna ignore it.

    All these little things work out. Just remember the magic takes awhile. You’ll be amazed from the very start, but the magic just continues. I was told six months to a year for the full relationship to really bloom. It takes time to form that partnership but before you know it, it’s smooth sailing. Just don’t beat yourself up for fears and questions and mistakes. It’s all gonna happen and it happens to us all. I found that asking questions on the blog was a huge help. Pick our brains as much as you want!

  15. How exciting! Congratulations, Torie!

  16. Thanks so much for all your comments. I suppose the dog is like us-we don’t leave the house without popping to the loo. Well usually anyway lol.

    The dog is probably not sure too, and as time goes by it probably says “Oh this is deffinetly my person now, better respect her lol”.

    Yeah i have been told that it will take up to a year to iron out any teething problems. They said though that they are always on the other end of a phone though if we need them which is always good.

    Carren-is Tricksie your first dog?

    Xxxxx, and thanks again.

  17. She’s my first dog that I’ve had for this long. I had another guide dog from another school, but only for 8 weeks. She had some tumours that required massive life-long doses of antihistamines, which would make her sleepy…which would not make her able to be a guide dog. I hope she is living it up as a pet somewhere. There is part of me that longs to pick up that phone and ask the school if they know if she is ok…but another part that is afraid they’ll say “We have no further record of her since she was retired and placed with a family,” and then I’ll know I’ll never know how she is.

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