Sharing some of the writing I did in that fiction class

I haven’t shared any of the writing I did when I took that free fiction writing course. I was advised not to post the short stories here, in case I ever wanted to publish them elsewhere.

I’m still feeling really torn about that, because as a maybe writer, I want to get my stuff out there and I’ve been feeling quite the nudge to do some more posting here. Since I don’t even know where to begin with trying to get my writing out there, I think starting here is a good idea.

I’m still not sure I’ll post the short stories I wrote, but I’m really leaning towards going ahead and doing it.

I opened up the assignments I did for the class and decided to start off with one we did about dialogue. At the time, I thought I might try writing an adult crime fiction novel, set in the future. I developed characters for it and one of the assignments was to write a conversation between the character and me, or two of the characters. Each line is one person speaking, even though there are no quotation marks around the conversation. I wrote three of these, finally deciding on the conversation between my character and myself. We had a strict five hundred word limit. I’m no longer planning on writing this novel, though I had a ton of ideas. I’m just burnt out on adult crime novels. Here’s what I wrote for the exercise:

WC 493

So Ren, how are you liking my development of you so far? Oh, and there’s coffee just there on your left.

Well, shouldn’t you know? You’re writing me, thanks for the coffee.

Humor me, will you?

Ah, fine. I guess it’s ok. I think being FBI is pretty kick ass.

What do you think about what you see?

Well, honestly I think it’s kinda cheesy. And like you’ve gotten in feedback, won’t it be hard to write about those flickers? You’ve made me a Trekkie, so why not just make me an empath or something? And if I’ve been engineered with heightened senses, wouldn’t that make sense?

Yeah, I’ll think about that. So what do you think about Mox?

I like him, in fact I’m a little annoyed you’re making me so weird around men.

Do you want me to change that?

It would be nice if you’d at least explain it, I mean did something horrible happen to me?

No, but you abuse men, or rather you abuse sex, because you get a sense of power from it.

I do?? I thought everyone used sex for the wrong reasons these days.

Yeah, and you’ve taken it to the tenth degree. Do you want to use Mox?

Use him? Well no, I care about him. Dammit I hate admitting that…

See, so don’t you understand now, since you abuse sex, you are protecting him by keeping distance, right?

Yeah, I get it, but it’s not fair. I hope you resolve that.

We’ll see. Do you miss your brother?

I don’t remember much about him, you saw to that. You have too much power over me.

Be grateful dear, without me you wouldn’t exist. How do you feel about not drinking?

Well it makes sense, I mean since my brother drank himself to death.

Do you see how you’re still an addict when it comes to sex, work and cleaning?

Oh…that’s what you’re doing to me??

Yep, what if I resolve it by making you get loaded one night, so you end up getting help?

No, I don’t think that’s in my character. I hate booze, so I just don’t see me ever doing that. You’ll have to figure something else out.

Gotcha, so you think you should hit bottom with Mox?

Well, no…I don’t want to harm Mox.

Don’t you see what kind of tight spot you’re putting me in? I can’t write you drunk; I can’t write you harming Mox.

Well how the heck is that my fault? You’re the one who created me, why are you blaming me??

Simmer, Ren. Haha, but I do love that temper of yours.

Yeah yeah, leave me alone. You’d have a temper too if someone wrote you with my life. Gah, now I need to clean something.


Seriously, shut up.

If I shut up, you won’t exist.

There you go with that power again. I’m outta here, if you’ll write me leaving.

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  1. I liked that post it was funn.
    I love, love books.
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