Seven. Seven, seven. Seven, seven, seven…seven seven seven!

I’m only seven pounds away from my target weight. Seven pounds!!! I’ve been plateaued for quite awhile now which means I need to change something. Since I like pizza and In and Out, I’m adding more exercise, when spoons allow of course.

So this week, on top of the gym twice a week, I’m doing my Pilates abs and legs workouts as well as yoga. I’ve added pushups since I don’t have a good Pilates upper body workout. I’m doing these on days I don’t go to the gym.

What to do about cardio though? It’s too hot to use my gym and the elliptical here, so dance is it. I have a thirty minute playlist in iTunes full of high energy music.

Today I thought about the movie Flashdance and decided to do some cardio to the maniac song. Holy crap. Do the dance like she does in the movie and you even feel it in your arms. Blinks, the dance is basically running in place like a crazy person while pumping your arms maniacally. It’s fun. And holy cardio. Girls, wear a sports bra. I learned the hard way. Ouch!

Seven pounds. When I hit 150 I swear they’ll hear me screaming in St. Petersburg.


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  1. Congrats! That is a major accomplishment!!!! Happy dance from Kansas!

  2. Anonymous

    That is great news, Ro. And what an accomplishment.

    This may not be the right time, since you just mentioned your love of in n out, but since it’s what’s going on in my life currently, I thought I’d mention it.

    I’ve been doing some research for my own health issues and keep running into MS. I’m looking into Raw Vegan Organic. I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 years so this is kind of the obviously next step for me, at least, in becoming healthier.

    Have you ever heard about or done any research on a diet change to help with the symptoms of MS?


  3. Ro

    Yeah I’ve heard a lot of different theories about diet. Obviously, a good diet is good for any illness. Since I’ve been regularly exercising, food doesn’t effect me like it used to. It definitely was a huge factor before I started a regular exercise regime.

    If going vegan were a sure cure, I’d do it. But I’m a big fan of quality of life too, and I love meat. Haha!

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