San Diego Recap Part Two – Zoo Part One

Most of my posts lately have just been about books so let’s try and remedy that, shall we? I’ve wanted to continue writing about the San Diego trip but never seem to be able to. so here goes! Thank goodness I jotted down a list of notes after the second day of the trip.

When last I wrote about the trip, I had woken up and taken forever to get Jayden’s breakfast ready. We leisurely got ready for the day’s adventure to the San Diego zoo. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that you could bring in water and stuff. I had asked B to check this before we left the room because I didn’t want my water bottle taken. What place lets you bring in your own water these days? Haha!

Right as we pulled into the zoo parking lot, B’s car let him know that the tire pressure was low. I just love these smart cars. We knew we’d need to address that when we left. As we walked up to the zoo gates, B was reading locations on license plates as we passed vehicles. As we stood in line to buy tickets I listened to the conversations around me. The people behind us were from another country and their children spoke in quiet and excited tones. I had to laugh at the music being broadcast over us as we waited, Christmas music since this was at the end of November. The air had a typical San diego crispness to it but it wasn’t cold. One of the songs started and angels were singing there aaaaaaah lyric and I laughed inwardly at an inside joke between Carin and Steve and me.

B let the ticket agent know we had a service dog and the man let us know to stop in at guest services before we entered the park. The man at guest services was friendly and explained to us that we were welcome anywhere but but to be careful in the aviaries as the birds might go a little crazy. He also let us know that zoo staff might walk one of the big predators at some point so just be prepared for that and if the staff asks us not to go somewhere because of this, to please obey. We were given a bandana to put on Jayden so zoo staff would know we had checked in and knew what was up. B tied it to to Jay’s harness. I now keep it on my desk as a souvenir.

As we walked, I listened to people around us, heard children exclaim, “doggy!” and listened as parents explained what jayden was. The zoo was not very crowded so we were able to move with ease. The ground texture changed often and Jayden did not like one of the bumpy textures we had to cross a few times. I practically had to drag him every time we encountered it. Not fun.

Ok, picking this up again a few weeks after writing that first part haha!

As we walked around, B would explain what he was looking at. The zoo pipes in animal noises which I really did not like because there was no real way to tell if and when I was hearing actual animals. That was so disappointing since I experience things mostly with my ears unless there’s something to touch. Aside from that it was really an awesome experience, just listening to all the people and things they said about the animals.

At one point we walked to an enclosure and B was like, “condor, big condor, oh no, turn around turn around, condor sees Jayden…” He turned us around and we walked briskly away. I could feel Jayden literally trotting beside me and B and I were both giggling as B assured me that the condor had been behind glass. It had obviously never seen very many yellow labs and was either just curious about Jayden or thought he looked like a meal. After we were some distance away, B explained that the condor had been up on a high perch but had suddenly taken flight and swooped down to the ground next to Jayden. I’m glad we were giggling so Jayden didn’t get freaked out. That was most certainly an experience!

After that things were much calmer except when some donkeys and llamas saw Jayden and got curious. I freaked out a little because there was stupid piped in donkey noises making me think the things weren’t in an enclosure but were right next to us. I really wish they didn’t pipe in animal sounds.

There were so many different textures we crossed, like wooden bridges and that surface Jayden didn’t like. One of the ones I loved the most was this soft and bouncy texture, like that stuff they have on the ground at outdoor playgrounds so the kids can fall and not break themselves. That surface helped me orient myself and if I’m still remembering correctly, the rattlesnake and tarantula enclosures were near this stuff. I wasn’t afraid of the snakes but when B said, “tarantulas!” I freaked out a bit and before B could say it I said I knew they were in an enclosure but still, ew haha!

I’m going to post this part since there’s still another entire half of the zoo experience to go and I’ll never get this trip posted about if I don’t do it in chunks.


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  1. I was just wondering what a condor was then read that it flew lol. I’m glad they let Jayden in. I’ve never taken Ush to a zoo, but my friend took her dog and they said that she would have to leave if she or the animals got upset.

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  2. Ro

    Yeah it’s a giant bird of prey haha. It was probably bigger than Jayden.

    I was taught at school that guide dogs can’t go to zoos so I was pleasantly surprised to find that the San diego zoo allows them.
    Ro recently posted..San Diego Recap Part Two – Zoo Part OneMy Profile

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