San Diego Recap Part One

I will be writing about our little trip while in a hungry, tired and poisonous antibiotics induced stupor. This should be fun! Last week I started feeling a pang in the same area of my abdomen as the first diverticulitis attack. I prayed it would go away and I wouldn’t feel it for a bit and then there it was again. Finally on Saturday there was no denying it. Luckily the on-call doctor for my doctor was able to call in the antibiotics I had discussed with my physician at the follow-up appointment. I decided I would start the liquid diet upon returning from San Diego and luckily the medicine wasn’t too awful on food like it is on an empty stomach. Armed with Dramamine, Immodium, Flagyl and Cipro, I set out on Monday with B and Jayden on what would surely be an adventure.

At first, the car ride was great. I relaxed back with my iPod, listening to a Michael Connelly book, Jayden curled up at my feet on his cushy mat I bought. Any thing isn’t so bad when it first starts, right? When Jayden started getting restless, the relaxing was gone. He does fine in cars, but we’ve never been in the car for too long. At the first rest stop, we were all happy to get out of the car. Our reprieve was brief however and before long we were back on the road. Jayden would not settle for a long time and when he finally did, B announced another rest stop coming up. We both agreed to skip it. I did not want to get out of the car again. We stopped one more time before hitting the hills that go into San Diego and it was so very odd to step onto soft plush grass. The air was fresh and crisp with a hint of moisture. Definitely not Arizona air. There was another dog near the ladies’ room and by the time I got Jayden’s harness on to enter, we found the only handicapped stall occupied by the woman and her dog. Luckily she had figured out outside that I was blind and when she heard me talking to Jayden, she took her dog into a normal stall. When I told B about this, he said the dog was a tiny little poodle. She had said she was in the handicapped stall because of her dog. Really? Alrighty then. At least she realized her error and vacated it for us.

By the time we made it into San Diego and found the hotel, we were all pretty tired. B had found a deal on for this place on Shelter Island near the airport. When we checked in I asked for a ground floor room and we got upgraded to accommodate this request. The bed was huge and old. Remember those old thin mattresses? It was so low to the ground I kept sitting down hard on it haha. It also made this squishy plastic-on-plastic sound when we sat on it. Apparently all the beds did this since I could hear the one above us through the paper thin ceiling. Aside from that, the room was nice. It had a microwave and little fridge. The microwave was a huge plus for me since I brought Starbucks instant coffee haha. B decided to find a take-out place for dinner so we ate seafood on the huge bed. I had fish tacos and sushi. It was delicious! Especially the fish tacos. Yummm! I went to sleep pretty early and slept hard after the day of travel. Tuesday was going to be busy.

Getting up and moving in a strange place is exhausting. Living out of bags on the floor is physically taxing with the constant up/down motions. Jayden must have wondered what the heck was going on, why it was taking me so long to get his food ready. Finally I got him fed, watered and relieved and was able to relax with my instant coffee and work on waking up. B and I watched the local news. It’s always interesting to me to watch local news in a strange place. Everything is so unfamiliar. Eventually we got ready to head out to the San Diego Zoo. Luckily I knew Jayden could go since Carin had told me service dogs were welcome. She had been to San Diego with work and had discovered this fact. I was glad to know this because originally I had thought I would just hang out in the hotel all day while B went to the zoo. Even though I had my laptop, the thought of that was not appealing once we had arrived in our room.

I’m going to split the trip recap into two posts and finish this tomorrow. After writing about the fish tacos, I am miserably hungry and grumpy haha! I think I’ll go drink some chicken broth and lay in bed with a book.

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