Samples of the choir music

I thought I’d post links to videos of some of the songs I’m learning. These are all high school choirs doing them, so I know we’ll sound quite different, being women.

I thought about embedding the videos here, but I know that youtube video controls aren’t accessible to screenreaders, so I’m pasting the links. The videos will play automatically when the link is brought up.

I’m too lazy to try and figure out cool links right now, so you’ll need to practice your copy and paste skills hehehe!


Merry Christmas Darling


Throw the yule log on Uncle John
This video is a co-ed choir, so where you hear men, our altos and second altos will be singing that part. Also, the video starts off with whistling that we won’t be doing, don’t know why they whistle…

Here is a link to the words:

We are also doing A Christmas Song AKA Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, but I don’t have a video, as well as a campy version of Santa Baby, with feather boas and plastic jewlery hehe. Also a song called Snowfall, which is gorgeous, but I can’t find a good video of it in the way we’ll be performing.

I’m a second soprano, and Uncle John and Sleighbells are the hardest ones, and I’ll be really focusing on learning them today. One of the women made a CD with tracks that have just the second soprano part, and then all the parts combined. I have the words in a text edit document, so I can toggle back and forth between those and iTunes. Its really wroking well. I can’t wait until I know braille well enough to read braille music!

I just wanted to show off the stuff that I’m learning blind, because its most definitely not easy music. So I’m really proud of how quickly I’m learning it, and also really touched at helpful the women and the director have been, to make me feel like I could do this, and special thanks to the director for including me, and having faith.

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