Sam Fuld is the next Ray to get a label on the blog

Just a quick post to get Sam Fuld a spot here on the blog. Click his name to check out his wiki page. What a player, wow. He made a spectacular diving catch in right field today to rob the White Sox of an inside the park slam. That’s speculation, but at least three runs would have scored had Fuld not made the play. Look for it on Sports Center because it’ll definitely be a featured play today.

After I read his wiki page I was just impressed. He graduated from Stanford and in the off season, is working on a Masters in Statistics. He also has diabetes, but didn’t let that stop his dreams.

We got him from the Cubs in the trade for Matt Garza. I think the Rays came out big in that trade…

I’m sure there will be more to come from Sam Fuld, so he’s getting a label.

The RAys didn’t win today. Sad making. But that catch by Sam Fuld took the sting away a little, for sure.

I should add that the guys to get labels here have made an impact on me in some way, so that’s why Sam Fuld is getting one so quickly. After I read about his story, he inspired me.


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  1. Wow – I just watched a video of that catch and it was AWESOME! It’s definitely a well deserved label.

    Plus, he’s got a really great name. πŸ™‚

    Sam (not Fuld)

  2. Ok, I thought the name sounded a little familiar, and after reading the wikipedia page I remembered why. He was on Jonah Keri’s podcast in the offseason … you may have already listened to that, but if not I highly recommend it!


  3. Ro

    You know, for my love of Apple, I haven’t gotten into the podcasts. I wonder how I’d find the one with Sam hmmm. I’m not so patiently waiting for Jonah Keri’s book to come out in audio. He tweeted that it was but I don’t know when.

    I hope we hang on to Sam Fuld. I think the Cubs were crazy to trade him.

  4. Man, is this guy like superman or something? a masters in Statistics?? That crap is hard! I know I’m taking it lol and diabetes and a good baseball player? He could most certainly be my hero…lol Glad the Rays got him πŸ™‚

  5. Ro

    Yeah the article talks about how he loves looking at baseball stats and stuff. He had an opportunity to go pro before he finished college but decided education was too important. Wow. Definitely one to watch.

  6. You can find the podcast on iTunes or here’s a link to that episode –

    I hope the audio books comes out soon. I picked up a copy of the book the other week as a birthday present for my dad, but I’m pre-reading it and really enjoying it.

  7. Ro

    Oh thank you! I haven’t had the brain spoons to find it. Glad you’re enjoying the book; hopefully they get a move on with the audio.

  8. He is certainly a good guy…and a smart one at that! Its rare to see someone who puts their education before a chance to play pro ball…He def gets my vote..for what I’m not sure..but I like him πŸ™‚

  9. Ro

    I listened to the podcast last night and it made me like him even more. An all around cool guy!

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