Safari woes and a new (to me) blog

I was all excited today when I looked at the details for the latest Safari update. It mentioned all kinds of fixes regarding Java and the like and it specifically mentioned Voiceover. I thought, yes! They fixed it! So I shut everything down, installed the updates, opened Safari and, and, and…crap. It’s not fixed. Nothing changed. When I first open Safari I have to immediately shut it down and restart it. It still kills Voiceover when I click “all labels” and I was trying to remove a blog from my blog roll and it killed Safari completely. I tried commenting at Vomit Comet because I suddenly can no longer follow in their commenting system, Echo. Also, when I submit a comment, Voiceover freezes. The same thing happened, so that wasn’t fixed either. So basically, it all still is a pain. Really the only places I’m having trouble is Blogger and the Echo commenting system. Apple is really good about fixes, so I keep sending error reports when Safari dies. You can actually type in the exact thing you were doing when the problem occured. So we’ll see what happens.

After baseball season, I’m gonna drop the Macbook of at the Apple store and have them give it a tune up. I’d do it now, but well, I rely on my computer for baseball games. 😉 I’d also do it myself, but I’ve just been so brain foggy. Maybe once the weather cools off. Hmmm, it would be cheaper if I just did it myself. Maybe upgrading to Snow is the answer. But I digress.

My mood was lifted after I tried updating my blog roll. (It’s called ‘A few of my favorite blogs’ at the bottom of the blog). Sadia changed her domain so now she and the girls are located at I was trying to remove her old feed from the blog roll when I first noticed that I can no longer do that. I was getting frustrated, so I checked out Beth Fink’s blog and discovered a new blog. Wasn’t I just saying yesterday that I needed a new blog? Well, I found just what I was looking for.

Sandra the Future Journalist is just awesome. She writes about going to college, living in the dorms, family, etc. I’m guessing she’s in her early twenties but she writes so mature you’d never know it. Oh yeah, and she happens to be blind. But she’s certainly not one who puts that first. You want to read about cool accessible stuff? Check her out. You want to read about a resilient college student? Yep, that’s her. She’s a girl after my own heart. A go getter, doesn’t let circumstances ruin her day to day life. Blind? So what. Yeah! I love it. So, I’ve been reading her blog for most of the afternoon, and it’s brightened my day.

Without the Safari problem, I wouldn’t have found her blog when I did, so there’s always a silver lining. 😉

As I was writing this, I got a phone call, and then it was time to shower before the game. I put on the game and it kept dropping, which I soon realized was because the internet kept going out. So I called Comcast and nothing was going on in the area. The internet came back, and then it went away. And then it came back, and then it went away. So I just called again and now there’s a problem in the area. Man I hope it comes back soon. We were already loosing 3-0 in the bottom of the first and right before the feed dropped for the last time, our offense hadn’t done anything. So it looks like the 5th day of the week curse continues, and it’s also Friday the 13th, so the odds were already stacked against us.

I suppose I’ll end this post here and actually post it when my internet comes back, which I really hope is soon. It’s 4:48 now as I’m closing this. I’ll report when it comes back before going live. In the meantime, I might go write another nothing post haha!

As I was editing, the tv came back on. I’m not gonna bother loading the game again until I’ve got some stability, but hopefully we’re back. Hopefully.

It’s tentatively back at 5:02. Wish me luck. =D


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  1. Well, I can tell you one game you don’t want to be watching, its the Rangers VS Red Sox its making me sick 4 homeruns 8 runs and its only the top of the 4th and the Rangers only have 2 runs yuck!

  2. Ro

    Dude you should totally check out Sandra’s blog, the one I linked to here. I just read the whole thing. She talks all about being a college student who is blind. She’s awesome!!

    Yeah the Rays were losing 4-0 and my internet kept dropping so I just gave up, which I never do. But I was too into that blog anyway, so yeah. I had just loaded a fresh page when the internet dropped so I was able to keep reading, and then the internet would come back just long enough to move onto the next page hehe. I think it’s back for good now. Guess I’ll check the text messages and see if the Rays are losing any worse. I’m starting to think we’re going to lose our wild card spot.

  3. Hmm, I’ll check her out and The Rangers are pulling it out 9-8 in the top of the 8th…I got my Rays post game email, but I won’t say anything in case you want to watch the game later on archive

  4. Ro

    I checked the texts so I know we lost. I knew we’d lose anyway. We have the Rangers game on tv right now. Crazy stuff. Go Rangers!

  5. Yeah, we are now in extra innings top of the 10th 9-9 Go Rangers!

  6. Rangers won 10-9 in the bottom of the 11th with a 1st pitch for Nelly Cruz!

  7. Ro

    Sweet!!! Good news for the Rays lol.

  8. For now, until we meet in Tropicana field and whoop ya’ll too!

  9. Anonymous

    Hey it’s Sandra. Thanks for spreading the word about my blog — the more readers the better! You are right: I’m 22, will turn 23 on the 26 of this month. I’m glad my blog “brightened your day!” I try to right a little bit of everything to make things more engaging! I’ll be reading your blog too — I already started reading yesterday.

  10. Ro

    Hey! You’ll have to excuse all the baseball stuff hehe. I try and write about baseball so it’s at least somewhat amusing to non fans 😉 Or maybe you’re a fan and I just don’t know it. Illinois himmm, so if you’re a fan, Cubs or White Sox? 😉

  11. Sandra, I read your blog and enjoyed it and very sorry for all the tradgedy, I too am a college student who is blind nice to see someone else who is going through the struggle too! 🙂

  12. Anonymous

    Dunno… I guess I’m a Sox fan, just because a few years ago I went to US Cellular Field and they actually let us go into the field! lol! 🙂

    Amanda, thanks for your condolences, and thanks for reading my blog! Feel free to comment anytime! 🙂

  13. I would definitely consider upgrading to Snow Leopard. It’s pretty cheap and the upgrades to VO are awesome.

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