Ro Goes To The Trop

***Donations total as of afternoon of 2/22: $1,591 Wow!

More donations are coming in since this story at Baseball News Source was put up 1/13. wow! Thanks Don!

1.15 – Ok, we’ve reached the initial goal and still going strong! Several people say we should keep it going and I might just get most or all of the trip covered! Manda and I are discussing what to do with any overages for the next fan who needs help. We will keep this going!

1.16 – Just want to add that I have gotten donations from a Braves fan, a Yankees fan and a Jays fan. Baseball fans are good! This tells me this sort of thing can be done among all thirty team fan bases!

Just ran across a post the aforementioned Jays fan wrote about the trip. Go check it out! yay!

1.17 – I booked my hotel yesterday and thanks to all the donations, I got a discount for paying at the time of the reservation. I picked a beach front hotel my friend’s friend works at and spoke directly to her. She got me the best room for access to outside with Jayden and even put a note on the room for everyone else that I am not to be moved haha! So flight and room are booked and paid for! This is really truly happening!

1.20 – Donations are still trickling in, awesome! So you know room and flight has been booked and paid for but you don’t know that the Rays organization called and gave me a suite for all three games!!! I fell off my couch! So tickets are covered. At this point everything is taken care of! I want to write another post soon about the call from the Rays so hopefully that’s coming soon.

1.29 – I will get another post up soon, though I did promise that in my last update haha. Things have been busy around here.

2.16 I was in the Tampa Bay Times today! None other than Marc Topkin wrote a little snippet about me and the trip. I will be forever in the paper with David Price!

2.22 – I’ll be on the radio here at on Wednesday 2/26 thanks to the comment Pete O’Shea left on this post. Fun! Today I spoke on the phone with Chris Archer and Ben Zobrist from Rays FanFest, though that has nothing to do with my trip really except that both of them said hopefully we can meet. Thanks Manda and Davis!

3.2 – Donations total as of this evening thanks to this amazing story in the Tampa Tribune today by Roger Moony, $1,716. Wow! This trip is going to be completely financial stress free! I know I keep saying I’ll write soon but life has been insane. My book posts take the least brain power haha! Happy birthday, Davis!***

If you’re a regular reader here and/or know me personally, you know what a huge Tampa Bay Rays fan I am.

If you’re coming here from Twitter because of the #RoToTrop hash tag and you don’t know me, you’re probably wondering why a bunch of people in Florida are fundraising for me to come to the Trop from Arizona for the first three games of 2014.

The short story is, I went completely blind in 2008 due to multiple sclerosis and Evan Longoria’s at bat music got me into baseball. I am a dedicated listener of every single Rays radio broadcast since 2009. My fixed income has made it impossible for me to afford to go all the way to Florida.

Last season I went to a game in Denver since I went there to visit a friend, and two games here in Arizona. It has been a dream of mine to attend games at Tropicana Field among friends and “family”. A plan was hatched in about mid December during a conversation I was having on Twitter and yesterday I bought plane tickets and @MandaGator began the fundraising.

Literally about five days before this whole thing started coming to fruition I set up a PayPal account so I could buy a two dollar audio file. How’s that for fate?

Manda guestimates that the trip will cost about $2,000. She points out that when I’m going, March 28 – April 4 is the beginning of high summer travel costs in Florida.

I found my round trip tickets through Priceline yesterday for $404. Pretty good eh? So those are purchased. The remaining expense is hotel and food. Hotel is going to be a ballpark of $800 or so. I should be good for another $600. I’ve had increments from $10 to $50 in case you’re curious about what people are donating, and $1 to $5 is wonderful too.

At the time of this writing we have already raised $160! People are good! I certainly do not expect the entire trip to be covered, I’m just hoping for some assistance. I’ll update this post mornings with the total amount donated.

If you are able to help and want to, donations can be made via PayPal at raynaadi at gmail dot com. Any amount is appreciated! Even if you can’t help, I hope you can attend one or more games so we can meet! My guide dog Jayden will be very popular haha. We’ll be at the first three games against the Toronto Blue Jays. Go Rays!

If you’re still wondering who the heck I am and are nervous about helping, I’ll link to some posts I’ve written in the past. You can also follow me on Twitter.

This is a post I wrote the day after Evan Longoria was insulted on Twitter and I took it personally haha.

So Much More Than A Baseball Team

This one goes into how I became a Rays fan and a baseball fan in general. I just read it again and I had even written about wanting to get to the Trop. It’s finally happening, Ro of the past!

A Fairweather Rays Fan I Am Not

Here’s a post I wrote about how I experience the game, being a displaced fan.

Experiencing the Game

So I hope this post and the links above shed some light on just why my amazing Rays Twitter Family is helping to make a dream possible and affordable. They rock! I just want to shake Evan Longoria’s hand and thank him personally for all he has given me without even knowing it. Though he should ask Marc Topkin what happens when I say I want to shake someone’s hand but then meet them in person.

Go Rays! 2014 World Champions!


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  1. Holy crap I’m so happy at how well it went. This trip is so gonna rock!
    Carin recently posted..An Avoidable Awkward HourMy Profile

  2. Pete O'Shea

    Hello Ro,
    I host a Christian Talk show here in St. Pete Florida and I’d love to arrange a phone interview with you before the trip to get everyone excited about this. Would you be wiling to do this? It would not take up a lot of time and the folks down here could start to get to know you and be inspired by your story. Please e-mail me back or call me at 727-710-4094. We are a good, Christian Talk Station – WTIS AM 1110 and I’d love the chance to interview you. Thank you and God bless, Pete O’Shea

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