Reload and reload again

Oh weekends. During the week there never seems to be a dull moment online. During the week I spend less time on the computer. Morning phone calls, chores, or going to work out or just doing something away from the computer. So I never seem to be completely caught up on emails and blogs and such.

Enter the weekend. B sleeps till noon and even though he tells me I don’t have to be quiet, I am. I can’t help it. I’m considerate. The ritualistic phone calls don’t happen on the weekend. I don’t start cleaning at 9 and blasting the iTunes. So, I sit here at the computer. And get caught up. And hit reload. Still nothing. Go check FB. One update. Go back to Blogger. Reload. Oh, a post! Done reading. Oh, an email! All done. Reload Blogger, nothing. And it goes on lol.

I ended up looking at Amazon. Oh no. Amazon. Addiction. It’s not February yet. I’m only gonna do an order per month as the new treat myself thing. But, no blogs. Hmmm. Lets look at Amazon for some stud earrings. Those look good. Wait, reviews say they’re not good. Oh, those look good, but they’re only available in yellow gold. Oh, here we go! Silver with platinum overlay with cubic zirconia, twenty bucks, 9 glowing reviews. Free super saver shipping. Yeah, ok, I really do need a pair of earrings I can just wear all the time since I’m never good at remembering to put earrings on. I’ll order them. Out of stock. Bullocks. God telling me, hey missy, you said you’d only do an order once a month. They’ll be available in February. Just wait you silly girl. Fine.

Speaking of super saver shipping. Guess what? You don’t have to sign up for Amazon Prime or the credit card. Nope. I thought you did. I thought you had to pay that seventy bucks a year to get the free super saver shipping. Um. Remember all that stuff I bought? Lots of those items were eligible for super saver shipping, but I ignored that option cuz I thought you had to sign up for something. Wednesday at workout, Lisa was talking about Amazon and she mentions all the great deals with free shipping. I say, yeah but you have to sign up for something. Lisa says, huh? I didn’t. Oh? So I check it out last night. Nope. Don’t need to sign up for anything. Just look for items eligible for free super saver shipping, spend 25 dollars, select “group my packages into as few shipments as possible”, select free super saver shipping under shipping method and wham. No shipping charge. Hmmm. Wonder how much I could have saved on all those orders?

So, now that I’ve figured that out, I notice that 2 of the cds in my wishlist are eligible for free super saver shipping. Just add ten dollars of eligible items to qualify. So I add the earrings. But there out of stock. See how that worked?

Well, now I know for next month.

B just got up. I’ll go reload a few more times and then start getting ready for Gamma’s.

Now that I have just wasted your time, have a wonderful day 🙂


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5 Responses to Reload and reload again

  1. Hey look, a comment!

    Glad you’re all caught up for the moment, have a fun afternoon.

  2. Ro

    Well, there’s something lol. 1 comment, 5 emails, a blog post and a few status updates after my shower. time is going tick tock tick tock tick tock till Gamma’s and Arby’s for lunch. La la la la….

  3. Just wait until it’s dog day. Oh boy that journal entry is going to be fucking hilarious! Tick tock. Oh. The wall squeaked. Kinda reminded me of that other squeak. Ooo. feet. More feet. Tick tock. Hahaha. I’m just teasing.

  4. Ro

    Oh, that day will probably be the epitome of all my “the nothing” posts hahahaha!

  5. It’ll be so much fun. We’ll all feel it right with ya.

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