“Relic” (Pendergast, Book 1) by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child – narrated by David Colacci

***Warning***Spoilers inside. I didn’t even try to keep quiet about the plot because the plot was so obvious anyway. At least to me. So don’t read this if you don’t want spoilers.***

I’m grateful I took notes on this book because I’m not feeling well today so it should be fairly easy to paste the notes I took. They will also communicate nicely the extent of how much I disliked this book. It got good reviews at both Audible and Amazon which just goes to show exactly how subjective novels are. This book is getting my equivalent of 1 out of 5 stars. I think the narration and production are a big reason why. Good narraters tend to make you forget about plot holes and idiot characters.

Basically this book is about grisly murders that happen in a museum in New York City. Could it be the rumored museum beast or is it just a serial killer using a weapon with claws on it? Seriously, that was a theory. A weapon with claws on it.

Ok, here are all the notes I took:


funny cop during autopsy with the thoughts of baseball (The book started out so promising with that.)

i was eating lunch when the autopsy started, later I was eating an oatmeal raisin cookie and thinking about what I had planned to make for dinner when I continued with the book. I remember a friend years and years ago, upon finding out I used to want to be a coroner, saying, “it’s you! I’ve always wondered what type of person it took to do that job and now I know. It’s you!”

Several times I thought about giving up. The book feels so fragmented. I’m guessing that’s because it’s written by two people. And the random effects they put on voices are distracting. The narration isn’t great. Along the lines of William Dufris for me but not that bad.

There was one seen that got my heart racing and when Jayden barked in his sleep my heart nearly stopped. But it was only scary because the female character was an idiot and went into a restricted area even though she knows people are dying in the museum. I almost wanted her to get eaten.

Example of the continuity issue, Margo has a “carryall” for awhile and then one day she has a “purse” when she leaves her office and ends up in the restricted area. Then all of the sudden, she’s relieved to discover she didn’t loose her “carryall”. What??? I’m taking notes as I listen, that’s how much stuff is sticking out.

I swear if this turns out to be a person in a beast suit saying something about meddling kids, I’ll lose it.

Emailed the following to myself as I listened in bed:

Why can’t this guy go anywhere in his wheelchair? They said his arms are very strong. And yet he’s completely helpless? So he sends little grad student down to run his errand? And then he says, “go my dear, and Godspeed.” I am so close to giving up.?

Just read some reviews. I’ve sped the narration up trying to get through this. Lots of excellent reviews. Guess this just isn’t my cup of tea. I totally missed that Pendergast is an albino. Wow. One review says it’s worth listening all the way to the end even if you’re having a hard time sticking with it. I have 4 hours to go. Ugh.

A little over two hours to go after I couldn’t stay awake last night. I think it’s definitely a man in a monster suit, but only because he morphed into the monster like in The Fly.

Finished yesterday. Final thought I had this morning while getting my coffee: too much is revealed to the reader before the characters figure it out, which makes the characters, who are all scientists and detectives, seem slow.

Ok, those were my notes. I was right about the monster being a morphed human. If only it had mentioned meddling kids. That would have been icing on the cake. But it didn’t talk. Just looked sad in the eyes. Oh and lonely, it looked lonely. Actually reminded me of a giant javelina. And sticking around for the end? Why? So we could learn that one of the scientists turned Dr. Frankenstein and is trying to make his own monster? Yeah, needless to say I won’t be reading the rest of the books. Just not my thing obviously. Oh but there was a brief mention of a dire wolf! And I knew my next book would be a Song of Ice and Fire book so that was happy making. Oh and the science and technology discussed in the book was fun. I think it was written in 1994 so the old computers were hilarious. So at least there was that.

Rating: Dismal

“Relic” at Audible ~ “Relic” at Amazon

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2 Responses to “Relic” (Pendergast, Book 1) by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child – narrated by David Colacci

  1. Thank you for this review! I had just loaded the first few books of this series on my phone and will now be deleting them.

    You tend to like similar books, so I’m going to trust your opinion here and just move along in my long “books to read” list.
    Brooke, Cessna, Canyon & Rogue recently posted..SNOW!!My Profile

  2. Ro

    I was almost tempted to give the next book a try because I think “Relic” might have been these guys’ first book and I liked the character of Pendergast but yeah, don’t think these books are my thing. I left out of my review that the book just seemed more like a medium for some nasty gore than for real story. There was hardly any character development either. I think they tried with Margo, but failed miserably.
    Ro recently posted..“Relic” (Pendergast, Book 1) by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child – narrated by David ColacciMy Profile

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