Wow what a game. We actually got to play the opener at home, a first since 2005 when the Jays won. We trailed the whole game tonight. Our pictching is a mess. All a team has to do is get our starting pitcher to go deep and get his count up, and we’re screwed. But…our little bullpen came through and we won at the last minute in the bottom of the 9th. Yikes! I think I freaked Jayden out when I banged on the table when my fav Longoria hit a homer. This was Jayden’s first time seeing me get all worked up since this was my first game that I really cared about since getting him hehe. Phew, glad we won. Baseball has truly started for me now.

Go Rays!!!!


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  1. Love your excitement! We love baseball around here too. My senior trip was following the Atlanta Braves to SF, LA and San Diego!

  2. Wow, you pulled a reverse Blue Jays!

    And I guess if baseball truly starts once your team wins, I’ll be talking to you sometime in mid July…

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