Rays and Blackhawks unite to dis Flyers

During the last two radio broadcasts of the Rays games, Dave and Andy kept talking about Chicago Blackhawks jerseys being given to the Rays to wear on their road trip to Toronto. Huh? Yeah, it was confusing. In case you’re not a sports nut, the Blackhawks are a hockey team and they made the Stanley Cup finals. The only reason I know about that is because B is a big hockey fan. He follows the Blackhawks, along with the Philadelphia Flyers, who also made it to the Stanley Cup finals, so he’s very happy about hockey this season.

So what the heck does hockey have to do with baseball, the Rays, and a road trip to Toronto? I was quite confused and so was B so I finally googled it last night.

Joe Maddon likes to do themes for road trips. One road trip it was the Johnny Cash theme. Maddon is a quirky manager and I love him for it.

So for the Toronto road trip, he decided to get Blackhawks jerseys to unite with Chicago and share their mutual disdain for Philadelphia sports. Jim Kickey, the Rays pitching coach, has a nephew who works for the Blackhawks’ ticket department, so he was able to produce the jerseys.

Click here for the story and it’ll make more sense haha!

I just find it funny that we just beat the White Sox last night, and yet we’re going to sport Blackhawks jerseys for the Toronto road trip. Maddon said he wanted the guys to wear hockey stuff since hockey is Canada’s favorite passtime. Alrighty then, Joe. Haha!

I have to say though, that I’m glad the two teams from different sports are uniting to dis Philly. The year I fell in love with baseball, the Rays and Evan Longoria, was 2008 and the Rays met the Phillies for the World Series. I don’t remember details, but Philly fans ended up tormenting family members of some of the Rays guys. I remember getting upset back then, and ever since, I hate the Phillies. Being a new baseball fan, I understood that if you weren’t a Yankees or Red Sox fan, you hated them. So that’s just a given. But for me, my dislike of the Phillies is personal. They beat the team I had fallen in love with and I won’t even get started on how I still think the Phillies were favored that year in the rainy game.

I actually cried when the World Series was over. My new found love of baseball was short lived that season, meaning I only got into it towards the end of the season. I’ve been a die hard Rays fan since. And I still despise the Phillies.

So this odd little hockey jersey thing is cracking me up. Wish I could see Evan in a hockey jersey. Ah well, I’ll have to use my imagination. Maybe B will let me borrow his Blackhawks jersey. Since my Rays are rooting for them, so shall I, even though I’m not a hockey fan. 😉

Go Rays!

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