Rant: How not to put a guide dog in a trunk

Today a story popped up on Twitter about a woman who put her dog in the trunk of a taxi cab.

Isn’t that really all I need to write?

Upon reading the story, I went and vomited on Twitter and then tuned into a radio stream done by guide dog handlers who were discussing the article. It was feeding time for Jayden and the radio broadcast played a song about K9 angels, I think it was.

Jayden got all excited for dinner as tears filled my eyes listening to the song and thinking about the article I had just read.

The woman was running late for an appointment. The cab driver told her he was allergic to dogs so the guide dog would need to ride in the back. Where in the back, you ask? The trunk.

So the woman put her guide dog in the trunk.

Good thing I don’t need to see the screen because there are tears in my eyes again. I wonder how many guide dogs and pet dogs are getting major love sessions tonight? I know I couldn’t stop touching Jayden for awhile after reading about this.

Here is what I would have done. First of all, when I call a cab, I let the dispatcher know I have a guide dog. That way the driver isn’t surprised when he arrives and if the driver is allergic, he can tell the dispatcher to send another cab.

If a cab driver showed up and told me to put Jayden in the trunk, he would get an open mouthed look of incredulity from me and a can I please have the name and number of your supervisor along with your employee number while I call for another cab.

I don’t care if I was late for my wedding. I don’t care if someone was dying. I would never, EVER put my guide dog in the trunk of a car.

The article quotes the woman saying something like, she had never heard her dog whine and whimper before. The dog means the world to her. She’s lost her independence now. She’s afraid to go out.

The comments to the article are lashing out at the driver. The tone of the article is negative towards the driver. The driver was wrong. The guide dog handler? What is a better word for wrong? I’m so angry I can’t even think. If you think that driver was wrong, he was a saint compared to this woman.

I can’t believe anyone would do that. Guide dog, pet, cat, alligator, whatever. It’s just wrong.

When I’m riding on paratransit, I anchor Jayden with my feet so that he’s stable. When I feel the van suddenly begin to slow, I reach down and make sure Jayden isn’t moving. Can you imagine a dog in the trunk of a vehicle?

I am disgusted. I wanted to comment on the article but I can’t use their commenting system.

I wanted to point out that the driver was only partly at fault here. The woman had a choice. Driver says, dog in trunk. What do you say? No thanks. Seriously!!!!

I’m disgusted. What are your thoughts? Let’s talk about this in the comments. Guide dog handlers, pet dog owners, puppy raisers, animal lovers or just plane human beings, go give your animals some love. Unbelievable.

Update: Cabbie’s license revoked.


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15 Responses to Rant: How not to put a guide dog in a trunk

  1. L^2

    I’ve seen a ton of guide dog handlers on Twitter freaking out over this story since late Monday when it was first posted. It sounds like we all agree that the cab driver was a moron and the guide dog handler was an even bigger moron.

  2. Ro

    Oh it was posted on Monday? Wow, wonder how I didn’t see it until tonight. Yeah, from the little I’ve seen from handlers, it looks like we’re all in agreement. I’m still just feeling sick every time I think about it.

  3. Glad to see someone else was mad at the handler as well. I could NEVER EVER imagine putting anyone of my guide pups in a trunk much less my pet dogs!? I don’t even put them in the back of my wagon type car if I’ve not already pre-cooled it. I was Shocked that she did that. *shudders*

  4. wouldn’t want it to be my puppy that’s for sure…

  5. Yeah I only saw the RT today. I’ve said what I need to say on my own blog post, but I can’t fathom a reason I would think it would be ok if Trixie went in the trunk.

  6. I totally agree with you Ro and with the other people I’ve heard talking about it, the handler needs to be dealt with on a legally punishable level for animal cruelty same as the taxi driver. This whole situation is WRONG!

  7. Some people should just not be service dog users or even guardians of any sort of animal. How dense do you really need to be, not to think that putting your guide dog into the trunk might be wrong and/or even traumatizing for him?

    I really hope the program that placed the dog, either removes the dog or makes her go through retraining because obviously something didn’t make it into her brain. I couldn’t even imagine what was going through her mind when she made this decision and worse, what was going through her dog’s head. Cessna would be so traumatized that I know for sure she’d never be able to work again, let alone, ride in a vehicle of any sort!

  8. I saw this last night as well. How stupid! And just wrong! What kind of idiot puts any animal in a closed trunk? I could understand if it was the back of a SUV… Maybe… But even that seems a bit out there, especially since you might be unaware of how clean something might or might not be.

    As for her losing her independence… Um no she hasn’t! Not yet anyway! If the dog is not taken from her, she needs to go to some kind of class to get her head knocked back into shape. Where was she when laws for service dogs were given out?

    Also, did you watch the video? She didn’t even sound that intelligent when speaking. LOL

  9. It was disgraceful. That poor poor wee thing probably is badly shaken now and probably can’t work.

    If it was an estate car i could maybe understand, but i would always do that if it was someone from guide dogs and not just a random car! Gr’r’r’r’r’r! Yes while the taxi driver shouldn’t have refused, she should have just said that she was phoning another company. I haven’t had Ushi in a taxi yet, but I would never ever let her go in the boot. We were told that a dog should never go there!


  10. Anonymous

    I’m a puppy raiser and this makes me sick. I raise pups, pour my heart into them, love them. And the only way I can let them go is by knowing that they will be with somebody who loves and cares for them as much as I can and do.

    This really hits close to home because my pup is graduating in a week and I get physically ill when I think of her being put in a trunk. Literally I am shaking and yes, my eyes are misty.

    Could that potentially be considered animal cruelty? Could they take the dog away from her? Clearly she doesn’t have the ability to make sound decisions in being responsible for a dog.

    Yes, puppy loving going on right here.

  11. Ro

    It’s clear we are definitely all in agreement here.

    That last comment by Anonymous made me want to make a point and the comments here just go to show how much we all care.

    I think all guide dog handlers, no matter what school we all went to, are a very close group. We all look out for the dogs. That is why I think it’s awesome that we’re all coming together on this, not just here but other blogs and Twitter, to make sure stuff like this doesn’t happen often.

    With any group of people, you’re going to have your bad apple, but I want to assure puppy raisers that as a whole, guide dog handlers are good, animal loving people. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of a guide dog being mistreated, but this is most definitely the most grievous situation I’ve seen. I know of one dog who was a bit over weight, but well cared for. Another handler took action and the dog was “rehabed”. So I just want the puppy raisers to know that not only do we look out for our own dogs, we look out for others, too.

    I hate the reflection this one handler has on the rest of us. I hope this won’t strike fear into the hearts of the raisers because you guys are the most important part of any guide dog organization.

  12. Here here. You are the backbone of the whole thing. Without you there would be no puppies, meaning no guide dogs!

    I couldn’t find the vidio that accompanied the article but maybe I don’t want to see it.

    Take care, xxx.

  13. Ro

    I didn’t notice a video either but I don’t think I want to see it haha!

  14. Anonymous

    I’m the same anonymous who wrote before, and I wanted to say that I know the vast, vast, vast majority of guide dog handlers love their dogs and would never do this! I am still in contact with some of my former pups’ handlers and know they are very well loved and cared for. It means so much to a raiser to know that their former pup is being loved! I trust you, and I also trust the schools. None of the guide dog schools I’m aware of would tolerate this, and I hear that GDB is going to be paying this woman a visit.

  15. Ro

    Oh really??? We’ve been wondering what might happen and if we’d hear anything. Sounds like you’ve got connections haha!! I sure hope we get some updates. I wonder how the dog is doing, poor thing.

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