Rain scheduled for tomorrow

I’m still laughing about how I said rain is scheduled for Monday in the car after the concert last night haha!

Rain is forecast for tomorrow. High of 60 with showers. Lovely walking weather for my home visit, don’t you think? At first I was worried Don would cancel, but then I remembered all the stories of people training at school in the rain, so I don’t think a little rain will stop him. I’m glad this is happening after the concert in case I catch cold ;).

Today has been a little lazy. I slept like a rock after the show, and B got up and went out of town with the guys from work to watch the last regular season football games and a popular sports bar that you need reservations for. He’ll be home shortly, and he’s bringing me In and Out yummm!

I forgeited going to Gamma’s like usual on Sundays so I could rest up and finish preparing for the home visit tomorrow. I cleaned my bathroom in stages. It really needed it, so I’m glad to have had an excuse. I talked with a friend from Saavi who I haven’t seen since Halloween, so it was good to catch up with him. I’ve mentioned him here before, my friend S who was the third to the trio with Miss A.
. Her son left some things for me and S at Saavi, some assistive stuff that Miss A had, that her son wanted S and me to have. So we’re trying to figure out when we can both be at Saavi, but it’s going to need to wait until after the holidays. I so miss him since we haven’t seen each other in awhile. It was nice to talk about Miss A with him. He was really sorry he missed the concert and thought I was mad at him. I wouldn’t be mad at anyone for that. Well, I might have been mad at B if he hadn’t gone 😉

I emailed Miss K the link to the post that turned out to be all about her. And now I’m nervous about how she’ll react hehe. Why is it that expressing sentiment is so hard?

It’s weird. We’re not doing much for the holidays, but everything feels all crazy anyway. I guess because I’m busy and don’t know what will happen with the home visit tomorrow. I even feel like I haven’t been blogging nearly as much. Especially just opening a post to write about whatever comes to me, kinda like I’m doing here.

Anyway, I’m kinda looking forward to January. Get through the holiday hubbub and back to regular life. I’ve got a birthday coming up. December 30. I’ll be 31. Wow. Pretty big deal for someone who thought she’d never make it to 30 😉

K, there are typos, but I just don’t feel like editing tee hee!

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  1. Hey. I’m up, don’t know why, so thought I’d pop on over here and wish you good luck today. I’m sure it’ll go fine and hopefully you won’t get too wet. Let’s see, out of the 3 home interviews, only 1 got me rained on. I thought the one in 06 was surely going to suck, but the weather shaped up and it was a beautiful walk. I came home sweating, and sure I was in.

    I’ll think about you today and check the blog whenever I have a chance.

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