Quick pain situation update

I almost didn’t blog today since I pretty much ran out of time, but I just wasn’t ok with that haha! Crazy how when you get in a habit, you just don’t want to break it. Or maybe that’s just me and I’m being silly.

I probably won’t edit this post since it’s almost bed time and it’s been a long day. I saw the doc today for my yearly physical and told her about all the pain I’ve ben in when the bad weather comes. We’re going to try me on low doses of a seizure medication that is also used to treat neuropathy, since the worst of my pain is nerve pain.

I was going to have her check my calcium levels, since bone pain can be caused by the leaching of calcium but since the body leaches calcium, you can’t test for low levels, because it will always be the right level, or tow high, but never too low in the blood. So I’m going to start on a calcium supplement as well, to see if my body is leaching calcium, causing bone pain. I drink a lot of milk, but that doesn’t mean I’m getting enough.

So…it was a good visit. Everything looks good but of course we won’t know for sure until labs come back. I start the drug tonight. It’s taken daily, not as needed for pain. I knew she’d want to start on the non narcotics first and work up of we have to and I’m just fine with that.

She had nothing to lecture me about and is happy with my amount of exercise and everything. Oh and my eyes don’t respond to light at all now. They used to still bounce, but not anymore. Shocker lol.

Jayden kept me from falling between the curb and the van when we left. Fore some reason the driver didn’t pull up so the door was next to the ramp and Jayden was hesitant to get on. I probed and found a gap between the curb and the van steps. That would have been a nasty turned ankle. Thank you, Jayden!


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  1. Woo hoo, glad there’s hope.

  2. I’m happy that everything is fine:)

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