Puppy Raisers do it again

Three, count them, three posts today by puppy raisers caring enough to make their visual materials enjoyable for us screen reader users.
Check out Megan’s post, where she describes her puppy in wonderful detail, and the image descriptions are fab!

And here, Maddie is trying to figure out how to do alt tags, so if anyone has any ideas, give her a comment.

And here, Natalie included some videos of her boyfriend Darrell and guide dog Egypt, and she graciously included links to the youtube videos after I expressed confusion 🙂

I first discovered the joys of labeled pictures when I started reading guide dog handler L^2’s blog, where she includes wonderful alt tags and even posts where its just a picture is enjoyable to me.

I could understand why she did it, because she’s visually impaired so she gets it lol. Its when the sighted take a vested interest in making visual elements pleasing for us, that I get all misty eyed and heart warmed.

Wow wow wow and thank you, each and every one of you!!!


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7 Responses to Puppy Raisers do it again

  1. L^2

    Isn’t it great how these awesome people are willing to do even more to help us by adding image descriptions and/or removing the horrible Word Verification! 🙂

    I left a comment on Maddie’s blog telling her how to do the alt tags, but I’ll write it out here too, if you don’t mind, just in case anyone else reads your post who wants to know how to do it too.

    Adding photo descriptions via alt tags is actually pretty easy. After you have uploaded your images on the Blogger post page, click on the Edit HTML tab and then find the bit of code that says alt=””. Between the quotation marks is where you should add the photo’s description. Everything between those quote marks will be read by screen readers and also pop up as a little tool tip thing when the mouse pointer runs over the image in some web browsers.

  2. R

    I know, they are all so incredible.

    I saw your post on Maddie’s blog, yay! I’m glad you posted it here, because eventually I’m gonna do photos and it’ll be good to know how to do that. 🙂

  3. If you guys have read any of my recent posts, are the alt tags working?!?!
    My first couple attempts did not, and I dont have a screen read to tell if they are functioning properly. Please let me know, i want to have my blog be accessible!

  4. R

    Sarah, yep just looked and the descriptions are there! I don’t think I had seen your blog before, so I’m glad to have another to follow, thank you so much!

  5. Agree. Thank you for the info on alt tabs — I often type in a description of my photos as I’m used to doing that but didn’t know this other bit of ‘high tech’ — pretty much anything is high tech for me. I use zoomtext and not the screen reader part, yet. Thanks to everyone who is so willing to help it be accessible for us all.

  6. Hi!

    My name is Taelor, and I am also a puppy raiser for GDB. I have been following you blog for a while now, but haven’t been able to comment for some strange reason.
    You are definitely very inspiring, and now that I know how to add tags to images, I will be doing that as well. Thanks! =)

    Taelor, Pilaf, and Cartier

  7. R

    Hi Taelor,

    Something is weird with my comment editor. I don’t know how it looks, but there’s a link to click to comment, and then a frame. The link seems to work a lot better than the frame. With the frame, it won’t post right away, but what you write will still be there to re-send, its the weirdest thing. Lots of people have had problems, but when they use the link, it seems to work. Glad you were able to post! I think I’ve “run into you” on other blogs 🙂

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