Puffs or Crunchy?

This is a very important question. Say you’re craving Cheetos. That powdered cheesy goodness. Imagine them. Imagine that wonderful snack.

Now, what do you think is the standard Cheeto? Puffs or Crunchy?

I need to know. Please comment. I’ll explain in the comments after I’ve gotten a few opinions.


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11 Responses to Puffs or Crunchy?

  1. Ro

    Thanks Mimi! I asked on Twitter and Facebook. Including your response, here are the results so far:

    Crunchy: 5 F 2 M

    Puffs: 3 M 3 F

    Yes, I am a geek. 😉

  2. I think crunchy ones – can’t buy the puffs in the little bags, can you? 🙂 Although I like the puffs better, I think.

  3. Ro

    Hehe ok I’ll put you down for Puffs since you prefer them. 😉

  4. Anonymous

    puffs suck

  5. Puffs all the way especially the flamin hot ones 🙂

  6. W.S.G.

    I wanted to comment to say that I think it’s kind of funny that you posted this at 4:20.

    Anywho, I don’t eat cheese, ever, so can’t directly answer your question, but I asked my better half and he says puffs, definitely.

    (Oddly, he says it has to be crunchy if you’re talking cheezies isntead).

  7. Ro

    Hahaha!!! I don’t see times. That’s funny, even though I don’t celebrate 4:20. Too funny!

  8. I like crunchy, they are way more satisfying! LOL less like cheesey air! LOL LOL

  9. The original Cheezies are probably the crunchy ones, but I like the puffs so… let’s go with puffs!

  10. Somehow I missed this post. This is a tough decision. I actually love them both. I am going to say crunchy but puffs are a very close second. Also, so glad you found a dress and shoes you love! Sounds like Jay did awesome, too. For some reason, Cricket has not been settling down at the table so well. She wants to sit up and look around.

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