Pooch Ponderings – Where’s Saturday?

I have no idea what day it is. I’m so confused. Ok. So Saturdays are my day off right? Mom always says things like, today is Saturday, I know it’s boring blah blah. Boring? I don’t mind a day off. I get to lay around and cuddle with mom and we usually play hide and seek. All the other days, I work. Who doesn’t like a day off? But, is today Saturday? And the other day, was that Saturday? There weren’t enough days in between to be Saturday. And the day I thought was Saturday, I worked. I got to go meet a ton of people at this new house. Mom knew the place but I didn’t. It was fun. She gave me ice. And there was this big pool and people were in it but I didn’t get to go in it. And there was grass! Do you know I haven’t seen grass since we left California? But I didn’t get to go on the grass. Something about since I don’t get to see grass, I can’t get used to it. So I still had to go on dirt. Oh well.

But ok, back to the missing Saturday. Is today Saturday? Mom keeps mentioning that we can’t do the laundry, that maybe we’ll do it tomorrow. She hasn’t felt well all week. And yesterday it got bad. She kept moaning and holding her belly and running to the human relieving circle. Hmmm. We still worked a couple days and she did those torture machines. But we didn’t go with Dude in between. Where was Dude? Then I saw him yesterday at the torture place but he didn’t take us anywhere. Instead, mom did the torture machines and I got to snooze on my mat. Have I told you about the mat? It’s sooo comfy. Mom doesn’t even tell me down anymore because I get comfy right away.

Oh and I ignore everyone and stay laying down everywhere until these two guys come around. Well it used to just be one guy and he’d come in and I’d pop up and wag wag wag. He can’t see either, like mom. And then yesterday there was a new guy that can’t see and I got all excited. Why do the humans seem surprised that I like the people who can’t see? I mean, my job is to help people who can’t see right? Duh. Mom and everyone laughs when I get excited to see the guys. I just want to know if they need help.

Ok but really, what day is it? Usually after the second torture machine day, we do laundry and pull the cart. But we’re not. Tomorrow is usually Dude day. And then will it be Saturday?

Oh and two mornings this week I made harfing noises in my kennel and mom woke up and let me out and I wag wag wag. Ok, time to eat? Usually when I come out she gives me food. But it was still dark out. And she pet me and felt around in my kennel and then she lay back down but she didn’t put me to bed. So I curled up next to her bed and let her sleep some more. It’s weird not being in my kennel but when I’ve already been in there and then come out, I like to lay next to her bed. But sometimes she tries to go to bed without closing the door to the kennel and it’s weird and I get all confused. Is she trying to tell me I don’t have to sleep in there? But I’m used to sleeping in there. When she doesn’t have me go in, I walk around like, where do I go? Then she says ok you can go inside and I do and curl up. Isn’t that where I’m supposed to sleep? Hmmm. But when I make harfing noises, I come out and I can lay by her and she puts her hand on me and it’s nice. Ok, maybe I’ll give that a try next time she tells me I don’t have to go in there.

I don’t know guys, it’s kinda weird when things change. I hope mom feels better and I hope I know when it’s Saturday cuz the next day will be Gamma banana and ice day. For now I’ll just curl up with mom and then laugh at Timmy when he has to go in the room when I pee bwah ha ha!


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  1. Hi Jayden, Trixie here. You’re lucky. I hear you don’t go through that thing the humans call the time change. But you know as well as I do that time doesn’t change. Those silly humans just crank crank crank on the hands of those things that go tick tock, and they convince themselves that the time changed. Time never changes, and we know it. But we have to accept the new food time and smile and nod. We’re good at smiling and nodding aren’t we?

    I hope your person feels better soon. If she’s running to the human relieving circle, then you won’t be going anywhere cool until that stops.

    Hey, is the reason you jump up and wag when the guys who can’t see come in because you’re afraid if you don’t let them know where you are, they might trample you? I have to always tell the fat man where I am, because sometimes he likes to pace, and he can’t see me, so if I don’t move or jingle or something, crunch! I get a stomping from fat man feet! You’re smart to figure out to let the ones who can’t see know where ya are. It might save your butt some day.

    I just came back from going to this place Carin calls the mall. It was so cool. I was always watching people go by, and lots of people I knew were there. Once, though, I got in biiig trouble! Carin was drinking a hot chocolate and had her foot on my leash. But I saw the lady that does what your dude does…and she was with another girl with another guide dog. Zooom! I tried to go meet them! they weren’t far, but before I knew it, Carin was up and grabbing a hold of me! Oops, that was bad. Bad bad bad. But I gotta try, you know.

    Hope you can figure out when Saturday is soon.

  2. Ro

    Oh good idea about letting the people know you’re there. I always forget with mom and she kicks me a lot. One day she almost fell because she was holding coffee in one hand and her phone in the other and she tripped on me. Oops. I forget when I’m not on duty.

    I don’t think she’s gonna be feeling any better soon. She’s like me when I was sick, she doesn’t even want to eat. Now that’s sick, when you don’t even want to eat. She moves around really really slow too and groans a lot. I guess we won’t be going anywhere any time soon. Ah well, it’s always good to be lazy, right? I was laying by the door on my back and she came to find me and I thump thump thumped my tail on the wall and she gave me a belly rub. I tell ya, a dog could get used to this.

    Oh did Carin spill the hot chocolate when you saw the person who can’t see?

  3. Oh gees. I hope she feels better soon! You tell that B man to take good care of her. Maybe you can tell him to get her some…what is it? Soup? Yeah soup. I think Carin said she said she liked soup. Maybe soup would make her think about eating. Maybe you can go drink some water so she’ll remember to drink some water too. We don’t want her going too much to the human relieving circle and not getting the water back.

    Nope, Carin didn’t spill the hot chocolate. I think she’d drank enough that it wouldn’t slosh over the side. That would have been bad bad bad!

    Enjoy those belly rubs.

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