Pooch Ponderings – Weirdness over?

My other human had told me to look after mom and he got all sad and then he left. That’s how it started.

Wow I think things are back to normal. My other human was gone for awhile and mom did a lot of leaking. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a human leak so much. Things were just weird around here. Every time I heard a honk honk honk outside I ran to the door but it was never him. Where did he go? None of the cats left. Timmy gave mom a lot of trouble. She has to put him in the bedroom every time we go out and there were a few times she couldn’t find him. The cats were all confused too and tit seemed like there was always one on mom’s lap.

And mom spent a lot of time in the kitchen making stuff that smelled really good but I never got any of it. Thank God I always seemed to be able to make her laugh when she was leaking. Yummmm salty water all over her face. Tasty.

The only people we saw were Dude and the people at the place with the other guide dogs and the torture machines. Dude helped mom a lot to make sure she had enough supplies after she was mad at the white thing one day. I guess she was gonna have supplies delivered but something was wrong with something in the white thing so Dude took us to the store.

Then oh man. You’ll never guess what happened. That thing that makes the black stuff broke. Uh oh. Water went everywhere and it only made some of the black stuff and it was really bad but she drank it anyway. Luckily Dude was coming over that day to work on the route to the store so she got another black stuff making machine. But it’s all weird and Dude had to show her how to use it and she doesn’t like it, but it gives her the black stuff. After Dude left that day mom had a my grain or something and lay in bed for awhile. She felt better luckily.

Oh and then we went to the indoor walk place. Not the boring empty one but a new one I hadn’t seen before. But mom was all happy because she remembered where stuff was so she kept saying she could actually show me better. I guess that other indoor walk place is too big for her. It has two levels and lots of turns. This one was cool. I was walking really fast because I knew mom was confident about the place. Dude was telling her all the places we passed and when he said Old Navy mom got all excited so I turned us right in there. And guess what was there??? A dog!!! There’s never dogs in the indoor place unless it’s that indoor place with the scale. But this dog didn’t move and didn’t have a smell. It just stood there. It was the weirdest dog ever.

We walked all over the place and then mom knew just how to go to get back out. It was great and I was wagging wagging wagging. Dude said we did great. Mom was all happy because in the book store there’s a bar that has the black stuff and there’s a big place with lots of yummy smelling human food. There was a place that did nails. My nails? Or hers? And a place for hair. Do humans buy hair? Anyway, she was all excited because we can go there and she can get everything but supplies so I guess we’ll keep going to the store for that.

Other than that, we didn’t do much. Well laundry and mail and I finally got to go to the trash a bunch of times. I guess the other human usually does that. And she would disappear into the room where only the cats are allowed and come out wrinkling her nose and washing her hands and we would go to the trash right away. I think it was maybe the cats’ business. They are allowed to do it in the house whenever they want, as long as it’s in the right place. Lucky cats. They can eat when they want too. I got soooooo jealous when she filled up their containers up on the table. Man those cats are lucky.

We took the bus thing to Gamma Banana’s house. I kept thinking I heard my other human and running to the door, but he never came so we took the bus thing back home.

Finally he came back the other night. Man that night was weird. Mom kept saying she had to find out if he was driving before she took me out early. Huh? Then she found out he was driving so she took me out a little early. Ok, so it’s dark out, I do my business, she had stuffed my Kong and put it in the cold box. So now my collar should come off and we should go to bed where I get my good night kibble. Let’s go. Let’s go to bed. Why are you back on the white thing? What’s going on? Then a little while later she opened the door. Are we leaving? No? Then I heard his car!!! He came back!!! I started jumping up and down and mom held my collar so he could bring stuff in and I pulled on it and gagged myself. Then she let me go and he said hi and they hugged and hugged. Then he left again. Again?? But he just came back with more stuff. Then it was crazy. He walked all over putting stuff away and bags were everywhere and the cats were going nuts. Finally we got to go to bed. Man I was tired.

Yesterday they watched pictures on the tv and they leaked while music played and he described the pictures. So I lay down at their feet and then licked the salty stuff off mom’s face.

Things seem back to normal now. I keep going into our room to check and he’s still in the bed. I hope he doesn’t leave again and if he does I hope we go with him.


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5 Responses to Pooch Ponderings – Weirdness over?

  1. Aww Jayden. Trixie here. What a weird time. Good job licking the leaks off her face. I’m sure you kept her from leaking more, even though she still leaked a lot.

    Glad the other human is back. I remember when I hadn’t been home too long and the fat man took off somewhere without us for a long time. I was convinced he was gone forever. Then he came home with that other guy I love so much, not the shoe thief but the other guy, and I was so startled that they were back that I roofed at the door! Rooof! When Carin and I are home alone, I startle easier when someone knocks on the door.

    Glad you got to see Gamma Banana. Hope things get back to normal soon.

  2. Anonymous

    Jayden, you are the best story teller ever!

    I’m not sure how much that guiding gig pays you, but if you are looking for extra money you should definately write part time on the side.


  3. Dear Jayden – I’ve met that dog at Old Navy. He seems quite suspicious, if you ask me. Gives me the creeps!

    I’m glad your home is back to normal and everyone is home safe.


  4. lol sorry your people are leaking everywhere Jayden. Go jump on them and it will stop eventually 🙂

  5. Jen

    Love your posts Jayden. Glad things are back to normal for you.

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