Pooch Ponderings – They *do* have it here!

Oh my God you guys guess what I saw on Tuesday????? Grass! Grass grass grass!!! I haven’t seen grass since we left California! I thought there was a ban on grass here or something. But there’s grass!!!

Dude came and picked us up and we were in the car for what felt like forever. Then we got out at this place I’ve never been before. There were big buildings everywhere and we got on this sidewalk that twisted and turned and went all over the place and then I saw it.

Could it be? It’s green. It looks fluffy. We get closer. Oh my God oh my God oh my God it is!!! Grass!!!

I had to do my job though and not go on the grass. I had to stay on the sidewalk but oh man oh man oh man. Then mom took my harness off and made a long leash and let me go on the grass!!!

Oh it’s fluffy moist green goodness. Oh grass grass grass. I did my business right away. So much nicer than standing on those darned rocks. The grass beneath my feet felt like a blanket of green heaven. Oh grass, how I love thee!

She let me sniff for awhile and then Dude ratted on me and told her I was eating grass. Darn him. My harness went back on and I had to get back on the sidewalk.

Then we came to this road we had to cross and guess what was on the other side??? A whole huge sea of grass!!! Oh my God, were we going that way??? We were! We crossed the street and I showed her the curb and then we stepped onto the sea of grassss and I got to pull mom across it. Wag wag wag sooooo happy. Then we came to another road and there was no grass. 🙁

We went across and up and around and looped and looped and then we went into a human relieving circle that was hot hot hot. Then we went into this big open room that echos a lot and Dude showed mom the water fountain and the place where I’ll stay. She felt the floor and freaked out, saying she doesn’t have anything for me to lay on.

We played in there a bit and then left but there was this yellow tape blocking the way we’ll have to go so we looped and looped and up and around and then we were crossing the road with the grass again. Yay the sea of grass!!! We crossed the other road and there was a dog but I was good.

There was more grass and she took my harness off again and let Dude say hi. I got all crazy and ran around and arond and mom was laughing holding my leash. Why couldn’t I come off the leash? Then it was back to work again.

I was on the sidewalk but this time the grass was on my side and I couldn’t resist. I forgot my work. I stepped on the grass and mom said no and told me forward but again it called to me and I stepped on the grass and she said no again and I got on the sidewalk but then I forgot again and stepped on the grass and ooooops oh man don’t do that, don’t get the mom voice, oh no the mom voice, NO! and the leash correction. Ooops. Ok. I won’t forget my work again. I stayed on the sidewalk after that.

Then off in the distance, Dude’s car beeped. So I turned in that direction and mom and Dude were all impressed. Duh. You’re making the car beep so I know where it is. Of course I’ll go that way. Humans.

I hope we go back to that place. It looks a lot more like California. I think we are since mom freaked out about nothing for me to lay on and she started making something she keeps telling me is mine. It’s awfully bright. And there’s pink. Do you think it’s ok for a guy dog to have a pink mat?

I’d rather lay on the grass!! Grass grass grass!


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6 Responses to Pooch Ponderings – They *do* have it here!

  1. All sorts of things to make Jayden happy- grass, a cuz, a mat! WOW what a lucky dog! 🙂

  2. Oh Jayden, Trixie here. Ya know, I never really thought about grass, but I think I’d miss it if it was gone. I do when the white stuff covers it up, but I know it’s just hiding under the white stuff. You’ll have to come up here and flop around in the see of grass grass grass outside the building!

  3. Jen

    Jayden you sound like you got very excited when you saw grass! OJ has lots and lots of grass in Ireland. You’ll have to come sometime.
    His trainer used to say that maybe he was a cow in a past life because he used to always try and eat grass when we were training at first. He would turn his head the slightest bit and grab a blade of grass while he walked. He can’t get away with that anymore because I always know what he’s up too!

    The word “grass” is starting to sound funny now that I’ve heard it so many times!

  4. Ro

    Hahaha I kept thinking of a different kind of grass. I kept remembering this old eighties movie where this guy falls in the snow and he’s like, this is snow! Pure snow! Do you know what the street value of this stuff is?? Hahahaha!

  5. Jayden, Leah here. I love the Grass. My yard doesn’t have a whole lot, but whenever mom goes outside, and I don’t have business to do, I love to go to the end of the yard where the sun shines real good and just lay in the grass. This place where mom takes me and we spend a lot of our time with really nice people who want to pet and love me has lots of grass, and I really like laying in the sun there too, but mom makes me go inside and lay under tables and be good. One day I’ll lay in the grass all day with mom outside with me, I just can’t enjoy it with mom not with me.


  6. Hey Jaden. Bilko writing from where there is lots of grass and I love it! I don’t like doing my business on anything but grass. Mom tried to make me go on concreet a couple months ago and I didn’t have to go bad so I didn’t go. I would reeeeally not like living someplace without grass!

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