Pooch Ponderings – Sandy go?

Hi guys! It’s been like forever since I got a post all to myself huh? Anyway, something is going on and I don’t know what. It sounds like we’re going to a place called Sandy or something. Mom keeps saying Sandy go. So I guess we’re going somewhere. Maybe it’s just a sandy place? Does anyone know? It’s kinda sandy here though. Well not kinda, really. It’s more like dirt though. And no grass.

Today she started getting out the things she took when we left the school place and came here. She hasn’t gotten those things out since we came here. My other person has and he’s left before with those things but Mom never gets those things out and we’ve never gone with my other person. He’s not getting stuff out though. Does that mean he’s not going?

Today we went to the big place with other dogs where usually we come home and I get new things to chew on. I didn’t get anything new to chew on though! Mom touched a bunch of things and finally put one on the floor for me and asked if I wanted it. I can’t chew that. Whatever. Mom talked to a lady about my feet and clipping. Ooooh noooo I thought, leave my feet alone! They messed with my feet there once before long ago with Dude and that one lady in the big van messed with my feet not that long ago. But I guess the lady told mom something she didn’t like because we left and that’s when she asked if I wanted the flat thing. We took it when we left and then we stopped somewhere and my other person left and came back with yummy smelling things then we stopped at another place and mom got that smelly brown stuff she loves to drink so much.

We got home and Mom put the flat thing on the floor and Timmy went crazy running on it and jumping on it but I didn’t so Mom took me outside and then put the flat thing where my other flat thing is and put my chew bones on it and I lay on it and she told my other person it’ll be perfect for the hotel and even the car. Hotel?

Then she cut up one of the yummy smelling things and made noises like she was happy and she talked about Gamma a lot. Gamma? We haven’t seen Gamma in a long time. She said it was weird to be getting stuff ready to take to Gamma when we used to always bring stuff home from Gamma’s. Maybe we’re taking yummy stuff to Gamma? She used to always give me bananas and now Mom does.

So it was a strange day and I wonder what this Sandy go thing is she keeps talking about. I hope it’s fun though. Will there be other dogs? Does anyone know what Sandy go is?


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  1. Win Anderson

    Sounds like you have decided to go to San Diego with Brian. That’s great! I know you will have a great time. I’m sure Jayden will have a good time. Maybe he can put his feet in the Pacific.

  2. Alyssa

    From Sadie: Maybe she means Sandy to go! Like food! I like food. Do you? Maybe it’s edible.

    Lily: Sounds like a squeaky toy to me. Maybe a moving squeaky sandy-colored thing.

    Kayleigh: These dogs are so stupid… Your mom means San Diego. Geez. It’s a city with people and cars and more people. Probably lots of work for you. I wouldn’t like it much. Then again, I’m a one-person kind of dog.

  3. Ro

    Ya it’s a place. I figured it out. It’s near where I grew up so maybe I can see all that water again? I wish it was food or toys though. Today we were in the car a lot and my other person kept saying we’ll be in the car a lot when we go to Sandy go. I’m glad he’s coming too. My people are excited though so I am to. Except mom is sick again and she just swallowed those pills she hates. She’s getting very sad today. I hope SAndy go makes her feel better.
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