Pooch Ponderings – I met my vet today

Mom says I have to tell you about my vet visit because she needs to get out of her own head and if she writes it like a human, she’ll get too serious and start crying again.

I got sooo sick, like, icky sick. Like, both ends sick. It started yesterday afternoon when I went on the tile floor and stunk the house up. Mom cleaned it up and seemed a little worried. That morning I didn’t really want to eat. She had to urge me to and finally I gave in. But after I stank up the house I wanted to eat. Then later I did it again. She took me outside and more came out. And I just didn’t feel good. But I still played a little and wagged my tail.

We did our normal night thing but mom didn’t put me in my kennel and I was all confused. She took me out again and then she let me go in my kennel. Then after everything was quiet and the humans and cats were sleeping, I stank up my kennel. Mom heard it and got up and took me outside and the guy human took my fleece out. Then I threw up and I felt sooo much better I was wiggling and wagging everywhere. Mom stayed up for a bit with me and then she had me lay on a towel right by her bed, not in my kennel.

A couple hours later I had to stink up the house again so I got up and ran to the tile. Mom heard and came out and took me out and cleaned up. She stayed up after that and that gurgling thing made it’s noise and gave her the dark stuff.

She got on the white thing and asked people if she should feed me. Don’t worry, I thought, I wasn’t hungry anyway. Then she was on the phone cancelling our ride and then the guy got up and they both touched me but I was on the floor and didn’t want to move. He left and mom was on the phone a lot, first talking to someone about me and then calling around asking for rides. She started crying when she wasn’t reaching anyone and finally called a cab.

We got to the vet and I knew it was a vet because my raiser’s mom worked at a vet. I got all excited. A cat lived there! But then I got tired again and I lay down while mom talked to the lady.

We sat there for a little bit. I’m glad the person on that Bookface thing said to go there. It wasn’t a very long ride in the cab.

We went back and the vet came in and he started rubbing me and he pressed on my belly and I barfed up a lot, but it didn’t come up very easy. Mom was getting worried and then the vet was worried and he stuck some things up my bum while mom and the nice lady talked to me.

Then the vet said he wanted to take xrays because he was worried I got something stuck in me. He said he wasn’t worried about the stinking up the house if I wasn’t barfing but since I was and I did when he touched me, he was worried. Mom called Carol when the vet left and then she put her head on me and cried a lot. The nice lady came back to take me for my pictures and they took me away from mom. I’m not used to being away from her.

When I got back she was on the floor ready for me and I ran to her and then met Carol. They had gotten the yummy brown stuff that mom loves.

We waited awhile and the doc came and told mom he was taking my pictures to have someone look at them and then he came back and my pictures were all good. Duh, I take good pictures. Mom was very happy and the vet gave her stuff for me and she paid them and we came home.

Oh yeah, but before we came home, I got a shot and it hurt so I whimpered.

Mom tried giving me this mushy food stuff but I didn’t want it. I was laying by the door. So she put it in her hands and gave it to me. Ah, that was the life. So I ate that and then she stuck a pill in my throat. Blech.

Mom is so exhausted. It’s a good thing she can’t see herself, cuz she looks awful. She keeps telling me to just rest. She moves really slow until she hears me move and then she jumps up and takes me outside where I stink up the rocks.

Mom is all worried because she’s been out of sorts so she’s afraid she made me out of sorts. The doc told her I ate something that came out and upset me. Why did he have to tell on me?

I guess we’ll be resting the next few days while I eat my special food and take my pills. Mom said she’ll get caught up on the autism posts, she promises. She also has a lesson to write for her class.

I feel pretty icky. I’m on the couch by mom now. I think it’s ok to be away from the tile for now. Being sick sure is no fun and man, is it stinky.


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  1. Poor, poor Jayden!! That is so not fun for you & scary for the people…get well soon.

  2. Trixie here. Gees Jayden, you know how to bring the drama.

    I wish you could just tell your mom what you ate. She needs to know. Her being out of sorts wouldn’t make you that sick that consistently. It has to be something you munched on. What did you munch on? Was it a yummy flower? What else could you get into? From the stories she’s told, you’re not a snooper/scrounger.

    Get better soon. Stinkin’ up the house is no fun. I stunk up Carin’s mom’s house because they couldn’t get me out fast enough. I felt so ashamed. I hung my head and begged them to forgive me. They already did, but still, I felt like a big jerk. I’m not supposed to do it in the house, not in the house! But there it was, all over the carpet by the top of the stairs. But I had to goooo!

    Take those blechy pills like a good boy. I tried to spit them out, but Carin would have none of that. It’s easier if you just go gulp. Really it is.

  3. Gosh Jayden, your day is about as bad as my week.
    Maybe you ate lettuce! You know you can’t eat that stuff!
    Me, I had a car accident and am sore as all get out but had to check on your master so she knows I’m still here.
    She can read about my accident on my blog.
    I didn’t go on the floor though. 🙂

    Get better Jaybaybe! Joni and Adam are sore but alive and healing. You heal too!


  4. L^2

    Awww… poor Jayden, being sick is no fun. Willow and I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  5. Oh wow, no fun! Sick dogs are so scary! I hope Jayden is feeling better ASAP and you are able to get some much needed rest

  6. Oh no! That sounds terrible. I worry every time Cabana has diarrhea, but she’s never had it THAT badly. So it was all caused by something bad that Jayden ate? Any idea what it was?!

  7. Oh Jayden get well soon – it is such a worry for your mom! And agree – could you just fill us in on what you ate that has you sick. Glad the pictures looked good and you will be feeling better soon. Hope you both sleep well tonight.

  8. Awww! Poor Jaybay! I remember when Bilko got sick like that. Both ends too. We never did find out what he ate.
    Bilko: Yeah I stunk up the house a lot too. Twice in the living room, once in mom’s room, once in my kennel, once downstairs… yuck! Never fun! get better soon and take those pills like a good boy even though they’re ucky!

  9. Ro

    Hey all, we have no way of knowing if he ate something or caught a little bug. His official dx is gastroenteritis of unknown origin. I couldn’t collect a sample to test as it wasn’t at all solid. Since nothing showed up on the xray, we’ll never know. He has now had 2 meals of the Science Diet prescription food the vet gave me, and one pill, which is an antibiotic and antiinflammatory. The shot he got was for nausea. He is perking up already, walking around the house and running to the door when he hears dogs. He just chewed his Nylabone a bit. So….I’ll keep ya’ll updated. We have been given a few days of rest from life, which I think is much needed for both of us, for different reasons.

    JayNoi, take care of yourself, and I’ll go read about it tomorrow. *hugs*

    Thanks everyone for your concern. 🙂

  10. Oh, I’m SOOOO sorry. Hang in there, the both of you!

  11. poor pup. get well soon.

  12. Awwwww poor boy. Get well soon!!!!!

    I hope you and him get a good rest and that it does you good. Maybe it was just a little bug.

    Take care Jayden xxx

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