Pooch Ponderings – I love her but…

Ok I really love my person. Ever since I was sick, I love her even more. I mean, gah, guys I felt horrible when I was sick. I didn’t even want food! So you know how bad it must have been. But my person didn’t even shower for days to make sure I was ok, and she took me to the vet and made me all better. She even made those pills fun, so when I heard the bottle, I sat before she told me too and licked my chops. Her hands are tasty yum.

She is sooooo fun to play with, especially when I throw the goughnut at her and she throws it away so I can chase it, or when I drop a Nylabone at her feet and she holds it for me. Or when I just drop on the floor and do my goof thing, she loves it! She hears me on the floor making my goof noises and she drops to the floor with me and grabs my legs while I’m on my back and I twist around with my mouth open and make funny noises. She just giggles and giggles and it’s so fun.

I love her so much I started doing these little nibbles on her hands and she just giggles even more and then I give her face a bath. I don’t know man, when a person makes sure you feel better, you just have to love them more.

But. I have a complaint. She won’t feed me right now. It feels like it should be time. I’m soooo hungry. Isn’t it time? I follow her around and do my goof thing and she laughs and pets me. Then when she’s on the couch I hop up and throw my head on her lap and give her my puppy eyes because I forget she can’t see them. Then if she gets up, I jump off the couch and start doing my happy dance. But she tells me it’s not time yet.

Then, she moved and she used her excited voice! The one she uses when she asks if I’m hungry and that always means she goes into the kitchen for my bowl. So I sat up but then she said oops because she didn’t mean to use her excited voice. So I followed her and did the happy dance because if I’m cute, she’ll feed me, right? Nope. Gah!

You know, that square thing next to the white thing hasn’t said anything…usually when it talks, it’s when I get food. Oh when’s it gonna talk when’s it gonna talk!!??

I guess I’ll just put my head on her leg and keep being cute. She’ll feed me soon, I hope.

Oh, she says to say, “Go Rays!”


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  1. Haha – go feed that boy!

  2. Trixie here again. You have a big square thing that talks? Carin just has something that has a lid and she pops it open, tick, and puts it back down, tap. I think she can feel things in there that help her know if it’s food time or not food time. I don’t care if she tick taps it any other time, but I know it seems to tell her when it’s food time, so when it gets close, I get excited about every tick tap I here.

    the guy they call the shoe thief is here. I love Mr. Shoe thief. I can smell him from down the hall when he comes. I love it when we go to other places and Mr. Shoe Thief shows up. Jayden, do you have other special people you just love to see besides your person? You need to meet Mr. Shoe Thief and the fat man’s brother and Ivan with the treats and that guy that came with Barb and Rosamae! Oooo!

  3. Ro

    Weird click clack thing. My person had one on her wrist that talked at school, but she just uses it by her bed here. She has something that talks in her pocket when she goes to the place where she uses all the torture things, and the box by the white thing that talks. Yeah I have Dude that comes and takes us for walks but I haven’t seen him in like a week. Then there’s the guy who lives with us and I run when I hear his car. Last night I was on the floor with my person when the guy put something cold on my belly. Brrrr. I just met a Carol but she came the day I met the vet so I was a little out of it. There’s this guy at the place with the torture things and I just looooove him. No one knows why and it’s my little secret. But I always pop up out of my down when he comes in and the other day I tried going into his cave when my person was taking me outside. But none of these people pet me for very long. So I don’t love them, I just like them.

  4. L^2

    Hi Jayden, it’s Willow. I know exactly how you feel. For years now I’ve been trying to convince my L to feed me early – sometimes I even do my extra-cute hungry dance for her – but she always feels that silver shiny thing on her wrist and then says, “It’s not time yet, silly girl”. I keep trying though; Maybe one of these days it will work. Good luck!

  5. Hi. I’m not a dog, but I’ve been called things similar by a few people in my day.

    Jayden, I need to meet you. You seem like a smart fellow, but we need to have a little chat about your poor choice of favourite baseball teams. I might even feed you on time, unlike those awful people who make you cheer for the Rays. What can I tell you, that’s just how us Jays fans role. What do you say, big guy? Up for a trip to Canada? It’s a long walk, but if you can convince them to give you some food one of these days I bet you’ll have the energy. You’re a dog, you guys never run out of energy.

  6. Ro

    Canada eh? Actually I’ve heard my person talk about Canada. I think we’ll go there some day. Anytime the humans sound angry about something, they say they’re moving to Canada. There’s actually been a lot of lately and I heard my person say she has friends in Canada. Are you the friends? I’ll still cheer for the Rays though cuz they make my person happy.

  7. I believe I would in fact be one of the friends, but you’d have to ask your person to be completely sure hahaha. Depending on how well her Rays are doing you might get a different answer. Take Friday night, for instance.

    I guess I can understand why you would cheer for the Rays for the sake of your person. You’re still young and have a lot of learning to do.

    Canada is a pretty nice place to move if you ever get so angry with where you are that you need to beat a path to someplace else. the snow sucks, but other than that it’s pretty swell.

  8. Hey, and if you end up in B.C., your feeding time won’t change and there’s *usually* not too much snow. Winter of 2007/08 was a different story, that’s for sure.

  9. But if you don’t like rain, BC might be a problem. I’d personally like rain over snow even though I hate rain, but I know rain isn’t for everybody.

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