Pooch Ponderings – Hard work

Man everything got confusing again. Just when I was getting used to relaxing a lot except for the mailbox every day or sometimes getting in the truck and going to that place real close, this dude started showing up. I don’t know about dude. He’s like those other humans at that place we’ve been to twice now. They don’t talk to me or pet me. Dude doesn’t either. And he talks to my person all the time; why doesn’t he talk to me? All those people at that place talk about me but never to me, and yesterday I had to lay around while my person played with all these machine things. I just ignored all the people cuz they’re boring anyway. There was another dog like me too, but I ignored him even though he told his person he wanted to play. But it was all really easy. It was fun riding the bus and when we got home I hurried my person to the door cuz she allways gives me lots of treats there and talks all happy and loves me.

So today, dude came again. Oh wait but before that my person was really boring. She kept making me sit while she stood at the counter drinking her coffee. If I stood up she said to sit again and told me to stay. If I stayed awhile, I got treats. Then she moved me to the other counter and made me sit awhile for treats. Then again at the door. When dude showed up she made him stand outside while she made me sit. Jeez. Is she his person too? Then we went outside and she made me sit again. This is so boring! Gah. Finally I got to work. She had me go do the mailbox way, but then she told me to heel and she held on to dude. This was all different and cool. We went this long way down a hill towards the cars. I kept wanting to sniff but she kept giving me corrections. Then we walked some more and went to the place we’ve been with the guy in the truck. Cool I know this place! But we didn’t go in. We turned around and started walking back and I was dragging so she took my harness off in this dirt and told me to do my business but I didn’t need to so I just sniffed. So she put the harness back on and kept heeling me and giving me corrections. Dude walked her back to the mailbox spot and then she worked me again back home. We came inside but only so she could do her business and then we went back outside.

She told me to go and we went to the mailbox place but not all the way and she told me forward. Are you sure? We got lost doing this before, remember? But she said it again and flicked my leash so I went. Ok, here’s a curb. Then she told me right. Are you sure? I don’t think you want to go this way. She kept flicking the leash. I’d go but I didn’t think that’s really what she wanted. I kept stopping and she kept saying forward and dude was talking to her from behind us.

Then she got out that leader thing that she sticks on my face. Uh oh. She’s not happy. Then I still didn’t want to go. I thought she was crazy. The mail is the other way! So is our house! We don’t go this way! Finally dude walked her down a ways to this funny crossing thing. I thought I should follow the curb to these cool gates but she wanted to go forward to this funny curby island thing. Fine. Let’s go. I walked around the curb thing and then she told me to find this other curb thing. But she wanted to stay on the black and not go up. What??? But, there’s a sidewalk there. Are you sure you want to stay on the black? What the heck kind of place is this??? I wouldn’t budge. I didn’t want her on the black when there’s a sidewalk there. Dude came and walked her some more and then I saw the sidewalk disappear. Oh. Weird. Ok, lets walk in the dirt then. No? You still want to stay on the black? What the heck? Fine. I finally start walking but I still don’t think it’s right. She halts me and does a left and I think ok finally, no more black. But she just wants to see if we’re next to the dirt. She gives me kibble and tells me right and I think fine, we’ll do this. I started pulling more and she told me good boy. Finally we got down to the cars and she had me find the ramp and then we crossed the black. But we didn’t keep going to the place where the guy in the truck took us. She told me right and this meant going back towards home. Sweet.

This time I stayed on the black and just walked because I knew we were going back home. She kept checking but the dirt was right there. Dude didn’t talk much. We got up the hill more and there was a curb so I showed her and got kibble. Then she kept saying hop up hop up hop up in a really excited kind of way that made me excited so I pulled her along the curb really fast and she kept telling me good boy. Weird. She’s never done that before, but it was fun. Now I see home yay! We cross from one curb to another and yeah, we’re approaching the mail sidewalk. So I show her and she says good boy but says we’re not going there, let’s go home. Alright, this I know she really wants. So I take her to her door and I know I’m getting my jackpot and she’s really happy and I want that leader thing off so she takes it off and then I just rubbed all over her so excited and she’s laughing and telling dude I’ve never done that before and dude is saying I’m excited and I’m like duh! That crazy thing is over, yeah I’m glad to be home.

I don’t know what that was about, but I was happy to get inside and sleep on the couch. I enjoy all that especially the treats and my person all happy but it sure came out of the blue. So other dogs like me, don’t get to used to being lazy. If your person is like mine, it’s all gonna change. Phew! Ok, where’s my Nylabone?


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  1. I do have to agree, that sounds quite confusing!

  2. Aww. He’s showing more of his personality, his adorable personality.

  3. Hey Jayden, Bilko here. Yeah my person does that to me sometimes too–goes places we never go and I’m like what?

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