Pooch Ponderings – Gamma Banana

I loooooove Gamma’s house. I love it! Do you know what I got there the last two Sundays? BANANA!!! Yay!! Gamma kept saying she felt bad cuz she couldn’t give me anything so finally last week mom told her that my raiser’s said I like bananas. So I got some yummmmm. And then I got more today. And do you know what else? Gamma was at that big thing with the food in it and she had a glass and she put the glass to the door and it rumbled and then an ice cube fell on the floor and I grabbed it and chomp chomp chomp it went. Gamma said she needed me there every time she dropped an ice dube. Then she was gonna make crushed ice but couldn’t figure out the buttons so she put ice in a bag and wham wham wham on it and the back ripped and another ice cube went flying and I chomped it. Then mom had the pieces and she made me sit stay and then backed up and she tossed a little piece and I caught it and Gamma squeeled and clapped and called me a good boy. Then it was all windy and it started raining and Gamma and mom went to the back door and they were saying it smelled so good and they were so happy that I started spinning around and around and around and they laughed and laughed. It was soooooo much fun! Then when we got home mom told the guy that my work was flawless today and then she fed me dinner and aaaaaah. What a great day. And they are leaving the door that I can’t see through open so I can see through the other one and Timmy keeps laying with me at the door and even on the couch. I like Timmy. Ooooooh where’s my nylabone? Or my goughnut, yeah I think I want the goughnut.


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  1. Mr Jayden you may keep all the bananas for yourself I say and James says to tell your mom to give you all the banana flavored Runts too. He says those are the best!

  2. Trixie here. Aren’t gammas fun? When Carin’s mom comes over, I love her so much. In fact, if she doesn’t say hi, I walk around her and sniffa snuff at her until she notices me. I mean, I love her and I just have to say hello! Falling ice from the fridge? Sounds like magic!

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