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Mom just asked me if I’d like to write a blog post and then she said my fans would like to hear from me. I have fans? Alrighty then.

So Yeah, I would like to write a blog and tell you all how silly my person was yesterday. Yes, I called her my person. When she doesn’t trust me, she’s being silly and I call her my person. When she trust me, it’s awesome and I call her mom.

See where this is going?

So the day before yesterday, I heard the laundry cart in our room. Oh boy oh boy the laundry cart. I ran into our room and she was on the floor sorting the human fur. I like to lay on the floor next to her and smell the cart when she’s putting the human fur in. I don’t know why. But I’m learning that just because she gets it out, doesn’t mean I get to work. She puts all the stuff in it, grabs this box from the closet, counts out the klinky silver things, and puts the cart by the dresser in our room. Then she sits back down. At least she hasn’t kicked the thing in awhile. I hate the noise she makes when she kicks it.

So then yesterday, she pulled the cart out of our room and put the klinky silver things in her pocket. Ooooh, I think we’re going out soon, are we? Then she strapped my treat holder purse thing on her. Oh yeah, we’re going out. Finally she asked if she could put my harness on. Duh. Let’s go.

I’m always extra careful when she pulls the cart. Sometimes her balance is off when she pulls it, and when we get to the curb, I have to stop right after I show it to her so she can pull the cart over it. She doesn’t even have to tell me where to go anymore, but she does anyway. I don’t care if I have to walk through fire; I’m getting us to the mail so I get a kibble.

She always tells me to find the door. I know, human, I know. We go inside and she puts on the loud thing that blows air. I guess the laundry room has fans too.

It’s nice when we only do one load because she leaves the cart there and we can go fast. So we went back home for a bit before leaving again.

This is where she did the thing that makes me call her person. We were walking and there was a big truck in a really strange place. Not where cars usually are. So I stop and show her. She tells me left and I start taking her around it. She says hi to the human nearby then just makes a right turn. I didn’t make a right turn. Why the heck did she make a right turn? The human says careful and she stopped and felt the truck. She was about to hit the shiny thing on the side.

This makes me look bad, folks. I was going straight. I would have turned right to get back to my curb, because when I follow that curb, there is an opening. At that opening, we go through. About half the times I show her the opening, she gives me a kibble.

Remember what I said about walking through fire to get to the mail? That opening gets us there. That opening sometimes means a kibble. Did she really think I wouldn’t get us around that truck to my beloved curb that leads to the opening? Seriously, human, use your brain.

Luckily, she told the guy something like, oops I wasn’t following my dog. Thanks. At least now he knows she was the silly one and not me. Geez. Human, only turn when I turn, got it?

Ok, back to calling her mom now. She’s still pretty great, even when she doesn’t follow me. I always, always, always, get a frozen Kong after work. I can forgive any human for her silliness if she gives me frozen Kongs.


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3 Responses to Pooch Ponderings – Follow me, human

  1. Oh Jayden you lucky dog you! You should be glad you’re not working with a sighted person, we do sillier things than your mom.
    BUT, I’d still give you a kong thing because you’re such a GREAT dog.
    *wuvs the woofers*

    Auntie jnoi

  2. Trixie here. You know what? My person does dumb stuff like that too. Today, we were crossing a street, and I started going to the left a lot. You know why? Because there was a damn hose all over the street. If I’d gone straight, I would have gotten in one heck of a lot of trouble when she went ker thwonko on the hose. But she was still like what’s the problem? So I showed her the hose. Then she felt stupid. Well ha, ha ha, ha, ha! What did she think she got me for? Another thing she did was once I was on leash at Barb and Rosamae’s house. There are steps. I know this because I had gone up them. But she already forgot. I was on leash, but I still tried to tell her, step, step, step! Nope, she’s too dumb to listen, and wammo, down she goes on her butt. Well didn’t I try to tell you? And I didn’t even have to. but oh nooo. And there was that time she got herself in a whole heap of trouble in a snow bank. Sometimes, these humans think they know better, and then life teaches them a lesson. But then most of the time they follow us like good little humans.

    Mmm frozen kongs. Sounds good.

  3. Jayden,
    I can so relate … they’ve just got to trust us. We’ll do anything for that kibble. You sound like a great guide and I hope to meet you someday :D. With love, Cricket

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