Pooch Ponderings – Can we keep him?

Last night mom looked for Timmy so I could pee. Dad said we were both by the door. I love the door. Not the one that blocks but the one I can see through. Dad went over and got Timmy and put him in the room with my bed. Mom put my leash on and I was wiggling and wagging and couldn’t wait to go outside. There was a new friend out there!!!!! Let me see him mom let me smell him and play pleeeeeese!!!!

Mom told dad something must be out there cuz I was so excited. She opened the door and I tried to pull her down the sidewalk but she’s too strong darnit. Dad came to the door and mom told him she heard something but didn’t know if it was a person or not so dad came outside and then he said to get back inside and mom was gathering in my leash and holding it close and I couldn’t dilly dally like I usually do when she wants to go inside because oh man did she sound scared and I could feel her all tense and stuff through my stupid leash and she was pulling hard. I just wanted to meet my new friend. Oh well.

We came inside and mom and dad were giggling really funny and she hung on to him and asked what it was and dad just kept saying piggy. Piggy piggy down by my car. Mom kinda melted like I did on the bus thing at the school place and she was on the floor breathing hard and giggling and said where there’s one there’s twenty, oh boy twenty piggies, twenty friends!!! Dad knelt down and kept saying piggy and I looked out at Piggy. Weird name. Then Spinelli came to the door and Fi too and dad asked them if they saw the piggy.

A little while later I had lost interest but my stupid leash was on and mom was still on the floor asking dad how I was gonna pee so dad went outside for a bit and came back and said it looked clear. Mom said he had better go out with us so he did but I just stood on the sidewalk wondering where Piggy was. Also dad was right there and I hate to pee if anyone’s there. Dad walked down the sidewalk so I finally peed and then dad came back and mom kept saying her legs were jello whatever that means.

We came back in and mom took off my leash and closed the blocker door. Oh well. I guess Piggy isn’t my new friend.

Mom and dad were both still giggling and mom kept making funny noises and dad asked if she could smell it and she said no and I’m like what??? Piggy smelled awesome! Then mom said, “this time it really was a monster.” So was my friend’s name Piggy or Monster? Mom calles Timmy the monster sometimes. I’m so confused.


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  1. Eekers! That’s a little too close for comfort! Was Piggy gone this morning?

  2. Ro

    I was up a little later since it’s Veteran’s Day and I didn’t hear anything. Supposedly they come out at dusk and dawn, though last night was later than dusk. There was only one which i odd. The pack must have been nearby. They say unless you threaten them or their young, they won’t bother you. But yeah, I’ve never seen them in the parking lot. That’s why I take Jayden out front and not out back. It was rather creepy and I’m so glad B came outside.

  3. Shiver! I remember the time Trix made this buckbucking noise and I thought I was about to have a head-on collision with wildlife. Or when I smell skunks. I can’t imagine knowing one of those javelina things was out there.

  4. OMG! That would scare the crap out of me! I thought coyotes were bad, but those things sound scarier! I only seen one coyote up close back in my sighties days when it got on my mom and dad’s front porch…and our outside dog took care of it…Funny watching dad carrying off a dead coyote..lol

  5. Jeebers! Don’t mess with Amanda’s parents’ outside dog! What kind of beast was that thing?

  6. Jesus! That sounds rather mad! The most we get is hedgehogs, but the last one we got was like a year ago! Where they full on pigs? Wow! Xx.

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